Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lego Land Day 2

 The picture above is kind of funny to us.  When we got back from Lego Land the first day, we were just in time to see a nice little wedding being held in our temporary back yard.  I don't know why that was so amusing to us.

The next day at Lego Land started out slow as there were far more people there.  We noticed, however, that the farther into the park we got, the thinner the crowds were.  Sara was thrilled to see that there was a toddler version of the car ride Emma got to go on the day before.  It was closed on Friday.  She rode that twice while Emma went on the bigger ride, and Ross distracted Jack by taking him alone on a ride just for him.
 She was so happy!

 They got their own drivers licenses.

 Please tell me someone else finds this as hilarious as I do.

 We used our handy gift card to get some ice cream cones. 
 That is a wet paper towel on Luke's head.  He was getting a bit toasty.
After this we headed down towards a ride that was indoors and air conditioned and Ross and I took turns taking the kids on it.  It was probably my favorite ride.  Everyone got little lazer tag guns, and as you rode through, you were supposed to hit a bunch of targets.  I smoked Ross's best score! (by 20 points...)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunset On the Beach

 When we left Lego Land, got back to the hotel and changed, we had just enough time to run down to the beach and watch the sunset. 
 We forgot our camera because we are not the smartest, so these were from Ross's phone.
 It was really beautiful, though, and I wanted to remember this fun moment.
Our favorite memory of this night was when Sara was DESPERATE to go potty and we jokingly told her to dig a hole and go in it.  Her response was, "But there are people over there, and I think they would be really impressed if I did that!"

We could not stop laughing.  Sara has this cute habit of using big words she has heard.  We love this and her growing vocabulary, but it is the most fun when she re-uses these words in the wrong context.  So cute. :)

Lego Land Day One

 The kids loved going on this fire truck ride with Daddy.  They had to crank it down the rail.
 Then they had to spray some targets in a firey window.
 Note: No legos were melted in the course of this ride.
 Then they had to return the truck to the fire house.
 After which they had to attend a fiesta with a mariachi band to celebrate their success.

The kids loved these little Lego cars.  Jack found them especially exciting.  He's a cool dude!

 After this we got to the ride that Emma had been waiting for all day.  Some friends of ours had recently been to Lego Land and before we went, they came and showed us all their pictures.  Emma saw that there was a ride where she could ride a car all by herself.  She was so excited.

 Unfortunately it was only for children 5 years of age and older.  Sara was NOT happy about this.
 Neither was Daddy.
 So I went about cheering Daddy up.

It's what I do! :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lego Land- Day One

When we woke up on Friday, we headed out to Denny's to get some breakfast, and then over to Wal-Mart to get some clothes for Luke since his terrible mother had left his packed bag at home.  We also got some beach towels and some sunglasses for the kids.
When we first got to Lego Land, there were people out front offering $100 gift cards to Lego Land if we went to a presentation on Time Shares.  We happily agreed since the presentation wasn't until the next morning, and this meant we didn't have to feel guilty every time we ate there and knew we were spending way too much for the food.  We also came away with souvenir t-shirts that we didn't have to feel guilty about purchasing.  The kids got to play a game with a hotel model made from Legos and get silly bands while Ross gave out the information they needed to give us our gift card.  Once we had that in hand, we hit the park, running!

Ross and I traded off who rode with the kids and who hung out with Luke in the shade.  It was a pretty good set up.  This was the perfect day to go as well since it wasn't very busy at all.
Ross took the kids on this boat ride, and they loved all the cool things made entire from Legos.

Sydney Opera House

Taj Mahal
Eiffel Tower
Mount Rushmore


 Jack loved the Star Wars part, although our girls kept asking who everyone was.  We have failed as parents.

 Emma and Sara got to ride some rides that Jack was too short for, and he was NOT happy about this.  While I took Emma and Sara on a roller coaster, Ross took Jack to play one of those little Carnival Games (since we had that gift card) and he won this little dragon.  It pacified him pretty well.
 The girls went on a fun pirate ship ride with Ross.  Since Jack couldn't ride it, we waited for them to come by and squirted them with the water guns.