Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Point Farm

On Monday, we got together with Melissa and her kids and went to the Thanksgiving Point Petting Zoo. The kids entertained themselves on the trampoline while we waited for Brooke to wake up from her nap.
Emma refused to believe that was a goat. She was insistent that it was a bear.
I love this picture.
Ummmm, I thought this was a petting zoo for children. . .
I could nto get Sara to look at me. She was too entranced with the animals.
I think that bunny has anime eyes. Kind of creepy!

Has there ever been a cuter little boy?
Has there ever been a hotter Sheriff?
Seriously- train the animals to eat carrot sticks, or don't put them in the petting zoo for children. Seems fairly simple to me!
I will never tire of these pictures. Deal with it!

Emm rode her pony all by herself, which meant that I got to help Sara ride a pony too.

There were His and Hers porta-potties. I loved it!
Just to be clear, I did NOT use it. I don't do things like that even in regular public restrooms that don't store all the human excrements inside. I just thought it was funny that it was pink.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Grandma Goodman's Visit

Judy stayed with us for a couple of night, and the girls were completely enamored with her. The gifts didn't help. Emma got a purple duck, and Sara got a yellow duck, and I don't think either of them has let go of their respective toys since getting them. They are the go-to bedtime snugglies now. Good choice, Grandma! She also got these funny little eggs that wind up and hop along. Sara was so amazed by them. I have NEVER seen her that excited about a toy EVER.

Seriously- look at her face! Pure amazement!
Emma played this silly game for a good fifteen minutes. The puppy was hiding from the bunny.
The first thing Emma asked when she woke up the next morning was if Grandma was still there. She was! They kept her busy!
OK- there are a million a these swing pictures, but I think they are all super cute.

Sara was plain tuckered out! Thanks for being so patient and funny with the girls, Grandma! They sure love you!!