Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Pie

I went to Ogden last week to see my friend Brittany. It was fun, and I was once again grateful to have friends who are so patient with my kids. On my way there, the knee of my favorite pair of jeans ripped. It was a sad moment and was well deserving of photographic mourning. Brittany took us to The Pie where we had the most awesome of pizzas. We ordered the extreme vegeterian which was amazing. Ross hates artichokes and fetta cheese, so I was thrilled when Brittany suggested splitting that pizza with me.
I have pretty friends with amazing taste.
I am not sure why my self-portrait skills were so lacking at this moment of time. I think I am just so used to taking pictures of myself while I am making out. Fortunately, Brittany is hot, so just focus on the left portion of these shots, and all will be well.

I think someone stole our pizza when we weren't looking. I am certain that Brittany and I didn't eat an entire large pizza in one sitting. . .
The moral of this post is that I love Brittany and am glad we are friends.


Triana said...

I've heard about The Pie!!!! OOOOH and turn your favorite jeans into shorts if you don't like wearing them with the hole!!! I made some shorts out of my favorite pair of jeans that got a hole and am going to post about it later this week!!

SOOO easy!

Oh, and good friends are the spice of life! Life's just a little bland without them there!

Anonymous said...

I heart you and The Pie so much Amanda! Would you please mention on your blog as a followup that the reason I have a double chin in all of these pictures is not because I eat at The Pie like... almost every day. I don't know what to blame it on, but I'm sure it's not that.

Carrie said...

Mmm..Alli got us hooked on feta pizza with all sorts of veggies loaded on it, we like it even BETTER than pepperoni! (except Nate) This is strange since I DETEST any veggies on a pepperoni pizza, I just like the taste of pepperoni ONLY! But veggie pizza I like onions, olives, summer squash, yams, broccoli, lots of garlic of course, spinach, mushrooms, whatever is in the crisper...I know, I'm weird!