Monday, April 30, 2012


 These are all out of order.  Oh well.  We painted eggs after looking through our Easter baskets.  We were just too tired after all our hunts to do it the day before.  The girls painted, and Jack used some markers.  They did a wonderful job!

 This is the newest member of our family, Miss Molly. 
 Yes, we know right before a baby might not have been the smartest time to add such a burden to my plate, but we love her lots and don't regret it at all- so keep your negative comments to yourself please, and thank you. :)
 Ross is hot on Easter.

 Easter baskets!  The Easter bunny has decided that he will only bring things that help us to celebrate the true meaning of Easter.  The kids all got new church clothes, some bath time things, and shoes.  That way we can all look our best for going to Church.  There were some little pictures of Jesus that were supposed to go in there, but the Easter Bunny must have forgotten.  (Stupid prego-brain!)
 Church was wonderful.  The kids were good, the talks were lovely, the choir sang really well, and it was just a lovely day.
 Jack in his new duds.  This kid is so handsome!

 Here are our attempts at a self timed family shot.

 And back to the early morning.  Why are these so messed up?

 Daddy got a new tie.

 Mommy got some new necklaces.

Funny story about that last picture- I posted it on facebook because some far away friends have been asking to see my baby bump.  The next day someone in my neighborhood said, "Wow- you look way bigger in person than you do in your profile picture!  You should get a new picture up so people see what you look like now instead of last month."  I guess the camera took some pounds off?  How do you respond to a statement like that?  It wasn't rude, but it was the strangest compliment of my life if that is how it was meant...

Anyway- Easter was wonderful and relaxing and just what we needed after the whirlwind of the previous few days.  I love my family, I love my Savior, and I love the chance we had to focus on both those staples of happiness for me in my life.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Goodman Cousin Easter Egg Hunt

 We had the Goodman cousin Easter egg hunt at Troy and Gena's house this year, which was a lot of fun because we had extra cousins to play with this year now that we have lured Troy and Gena to Zion with us ;) and because they have an awesome big hill in their backyard to hunt on. 

This picture is out of order, but this was Sara's grumpy face when I told her she couldn't eat anymore candy that day.  She was pretty upset my response was to take a picture rather than dole out sympathy.
 Jack liked the eggs, but he liked playing with the balls more.  Typical boy.  I can't wait to get him on a soccer field!

 Emma stayed at this hoop for about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get that ball in.  She was very determined.
 The hunt is on!  It was intense.  There was much more competition at this hunt than at Great Grandma Wallace's house!

 Everyone did pretty well and went home with lots of sugar and memories.
 It finally paid off!  She got three in a row!   With how tall she is, basketball might not be a bad sport to start her in...
It was a lot of fun to visit with Ross's sisters and their spouses.  And Joe.  We like Joe too.  I love that my kids have so many cousins close to their age on Ross's side.  We love them all so much and we love seeing them all develop their own relationships and personalities.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wallace Orchard Easter Egg Hunt- 2012 Edition

 My grandma held a hunt in the orchard again this year, which was so very nice of her since my kids were the only ones there to participate.  They loved it. 
 This is the first year Jack has been in to things like this- and I love that his cheeks were puffed with candy the whole time.  Funny little multi-tasker!

 At first Sara thought it was necessary for me to take a picture of her with each new egg.  When she saw that Emma was smokin' her because of these delays, she snapped out of that.

 I love his face in this one.

 Grandma found some too. :)
After this we had a quick lunch, ran some errands, and headed home to play with our puppy for a bit before leaving for the next big hunt of the day.