Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Portland Trip- Day 13

The highlight of this day was going to dinner at the historic Old Town Pizza with some of Ross's co-workers. I didn't get any pictures this day because I was too busy dealing with kids, eating an incredible pizza, and walking 8 miles in triple digit weather because Ross was certain it was close to our hotel.

Here is the reason this pizza joint is such a Portland Landmark- this is from the website.

Don’t be surprised if an unexpected guest joins you for a slice today. A constant presence at Old Town Pizza is Nina (pronounced “Nigh-na”), our resident ghost. If you feel a presence behind you, or smell a faint waft of perfume, you may have just received a visit. Nina is often seen in a black dress observing diners and wandering the basement below. Nina’s been here for more than 100 years. It was in 1880 that two successful lumber barons built the Merchant Hotel on this block, catering to Portland’s finest patrons. Old Town Pizza sits in the original hotel lobby. In fact the window where you place your pizza order is the original hotel’s reception desk and is flanked by the lobby’s original decorative cast iron beam posts. Underneath the floor boards are the Shanghai Tunnels connecting Portland via underground pathways, then used to nab unsuspecting sailors and transport them to ships docked on the river, and can be viewed during private tours.

Old Town Pizza sits in what used to be called the Old North End, a section of the city with a rather questionable reputation. Despite the upstanding clientele of the Merchant Hotel, even it was known for offering one of the oldest professions in the world: prostitution. As legend goes, one of the young “working women” was Nina, sold into this life by a thriving white slavery market. In an effort to clean up the neighborhood, traveling missionaries convinced Nina to share information in exchange for freeing her from a fate she did not choose. Nina cooperated but soon afterward was found dead in the hotel, now Old Town Pizza. Thrown down the elevator shaft, Nina is reported to have never left the building. Could it be Nina who carved her name in the brick of the old elevator shaft, now the backdrop of a cozy booth in the rear of the restaurant?

Rich in history, Old Town Pizza was founded in 1974 when the Accuardi family opened the doors of the now legendary Portland landmark. The lobby of the Merchant Hotel was transformed into the hippest pizza joint in town. Generations of Old Town Pizza loyalists remember the restaurant as a bustling hang-out for leaders in Portland’s counterculture scene of the 70s. Actor Willem Dafoe was a regular at the time and could usually be found lounging on a couch on the mezzanine. And Portland Trail Blazer superstar Bill Walton was known to ride his bike to Old Town Pizza where he would order his usual: a large vegetarian pizza and pitcher of Henry's. He would often bring his teammates with him and is said to have closed the place down more than once. Back in the day there were Old Town Pizza restaurants in Salem, Eugene and San Francisco, but the original location in Portland was the survivor. Today the Milne family keeps the Old Town Pizza legacy alive, nurturing a little piece of Portland’s past for the next generation.

Portland Trip- Day 12

The highlight of this day was our long walk down by the river.

We stopped at one place to feed some geese.

Just after this picture, Sara fell over and did a complete accidental head stand at the river's edge.
She was so sad. . .
. . . but it was so funny!
I tried to be compassionate. . .
. . .but Ross felt obligated to document what a terrible and heartless mother I am.
Ross tried ot teach Emma how to skip rocks.

The other highlight of this day was the fact that it was my mom's 32nd birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom! We love you!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Portland Trip- Day 11

We were thinking about going to the zoo, but then we decided that Salt Lake has a zoo, but no ocean.

On the way out, we passed a whole convoy of military hummers heading out to their . I laughed for a good ten minutes when I saw this one use a turn signal. I realize that I have a twisted sense of humor, but seriously- why would it need turn signals? Who would deny a vehicle of war their right of way? do they need it for battle to show the enemy their intentions? We went out to Seaside to hit a different beach than last time, which actually turned out to be a little bit of a dud. It was more crwoded there, and the landscapes were not as pretty. We ate a picnic at Sunset beach, and then headed back out to Canon Beach.

Sunset Beach
Emma found this rope on the beach, and used it to walk her imaginary dog. It was pretty cute!

Canon Beach

Someone had dug this whole down to the water table before we got there. It provided an hour of entertainment for the girls, and allowed Ross and me to snuggle on the beach.
These are some attempts at family pictures in front of Haystack Rock. Some of us were cold, sandy, and way past-due for naptime.

It is really beautiful. These pictures do not do it justice.
There were little jellyfish all over the shore.

A Spanish warship during some war sunk off the shore and some of the canons washed up on the beach- hence the name Canon Beach. We stopped at the historical marker and replica to take pictures of it and the homeless man camped out there.

After this, we headed back to the hotel to wash the sand off, eat some left-overs and watch a movie while I did some scrapbooking. I gave this day a solid 5 stars!

Portland Trip- Day 10

This is another image heavy post! This is the fifth post for today, so be sure and check the previous page to catch up.

I had a migraine when Ross got home from work today, so he had the BRILLIANT idea to order Chinese food to our room and watch Horatio Hornblower on my computer until the sun went down. It is much easier for me to function with a migraine when there is less light. I might be part vampire. . . It was fantastic food, and there are lots of left-overs! Emma took a nap. She is all about her evening naps now.
When the sun went down, and Emma woke up, we headed back to the temple to see it all lit up and to let the girls walk around on the grounds. It was beautiful. I loved it. It was the perfect cure to my headache, and the peace there was palpable.

These pretty trees look just like the image I have of the Tree of Life every time I read those chapters.
Looking at Moroni.

These two-toned roses were beautiful and very fragrant.
Playing at the fountain.

I love him!

I would apologize for all the pictures, but I love them all! Tomorrow we are heading to another beach, and the camera is charging as I type- so expect another picture crazy post tomorrow!