Tuesday, June 25, 2013

While Daddy Was Gone

 Ross was gone for 2 1/2 weeks which kind of turned our world upside down just a bit. To help these kiddos, who LOVE their daddy, get by, we had a plan to do one special and out of the ordinary thing every day if they were good. They only missed out on this fun thing once for bad behavior. They really did try so hard to be good. I also love that they are so easily entertained and pleased. Most of our special things were pretty trivial, but I was able to get them all jazzed up about each one without much effort. These pictures are all out of order and don't cover everything we did, but it is what I have.

We had dinner at Arctic Circle one night.

 We went to my friend Autumn's house to play with her kids.

 Luke got a black eye. OK, so that one wasn't totally fun, but it did happen while Daddy was gone...
 Grandpa took the girls to Barnes and Noble to get new books
 Caulene graduated
 The kiddos slept on a giant be made of the couch and loveseat pushed together.

 We went to the Aquarium with Debbie and her kids and then played in her mom's backyard and had a pizza she had won from an online contest.

 Jack 'exercised' while I printed off stuff for one of my Gospel Doctrine lessons.
 Heather had a birthday.
 We went to get ice cream

 We had a jewelry party at our house one night as well. You can see the girls sporting their new bracelets and necklaces. Emma even sold some of the clips she had made at the party.

 The kids painted the bulletin boards they made at Sara's field trip to Home Depot.

 Emma had her First Grade program. Ellie Houston came over to help me with my kids. I like her so much!
 Her sister, Megan came too. Their little sister Brianna is Emma's age, and we love her to death. This whole family has really meant a lot to us. We are grateful for them.

 The girl's had a piano recital.
 We helped clean the church.

 Every night we Skyped with Daddy. The kids also wore his shirts to bed as PJs.

 This boy made messes with boxes of tissues and packages of wipes.

 We went to Target. Luke doesn't like riding backwards in those seats. He wants to see where he is going.

 We put tablets in the tub water to make it turn fun colors.

 I taught Emma to vacuum. Seriously, she loved this. Funny girl.

We had a good time and managed fairly well, but we were sure happy to be reunited with Daddy again.