Monday, June 03, 2013

Houston Trip: Day 14

The main event for this day was the Children's Museum. Sophia was kind enough to share a free pass with us, so we were able to get in with only paying for parking. Not a bad deal! It was a lot of fun. these pictures are all out of order, but you get the idea. Fun was had by all, and we only lost a child twice while we were there, so not bad if you ask me.

 Puppet Shows
 Platforms and nets. The kids loved racing up and down these towers. This is, however, where we lost the children at one point. Sara and Lilianna both took turns panicking us. Nice of them, no?

 Face painting. This is the first thing we did. They painted themselves and did a great job.
 I like Jack's beard...

 Emma spent the majority of her time here in this little pretend Vet Shop. There was a whole city there with a store, art school, bank, police station, restaurant, and lots of other things I am forgetting. They have done a really good job at this museum. I was almost as amazed as the kids.

 We played with these machines for a while when we were waiting for Sophia to get there. Each crank made something nifty happen. Very entertaining.

 I am glad I got a picture of that lovely painting because when we left I forgot to go back and get it. She did a lovely job. While Emma was hanging out at the vet shop, Sara was in here coloring and painting her little heart out. This one is going to be very artistic.

 Luke helped organize the fake produce. He is nice like that.

Sadly, Luke did not stay so happy. He got pretty grumpy. The poor thing was battling teeth and allergies the whole time we were in Houston, and by around noon he had reached his limit. We left the Cranes to enjoy the water toys while we headed back to the hotel to get some lunch and some much needed napping for this munchkin. When he woke up, he was much happier and the smiley boy we all know and love had returned, so we headed back to the museum until closing time and we tried to hit all the things we had missed when we left early.
 This included the fun science section. The kids liked all the fun experiments, but Emma was soaking up the most. I can see that she has a big interest in this kind of thing. She has a very curious and logical mind.

 We spent a LONG time over in the outside water area, which was fine by me. It was nice and shady and cool. Have I mentioned how much I did not like the TX humid heat?


 They ended their stay by touching up their face paint, and we headed back to the hotel to meet Daddy and tell him all about our fun day.

After regaling him of our adventures, he said he had a hankering for some more amazing Mexican food. We loved El Tiempo so much the first time that we decided to go there again, only we found a different location since the other one happened to be right next door to a strip club. The food was amazing, and we liked dining outdoors and listening to the gay couple next to our table fight about whose turn it was to pay for dinner. It sounds bad, but it all made us laugh, and they were very sweet and complimentary about our children. They thought the face paint was adorable.

It was a fun day, but I was so very tired by the time we finally got to bed.

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Anonymous said...

In the last two photos of all the minis at the museum, Emma looks just like you! Your kids are kind of beautiful.