Monday, June 03, 2013

Houston Trip: Day 13

This day started out over at Sophia's house. She had a dentist appointment, so I went over to let my kids have a grand old time at her house. They loved it. When she got back, we headed to the store, and then I went back to the hotel to rest for a while.

I had a migraine this day, so we just hunkered down in the hotel room while Ross was at work. When he came home, I was starting to feel a bit more human, so we made some dinner and then headed out to see one of the sights that we thought would be low key enough to not set off another headache. We saw the Wall of Water and walked around the Galleria Mall.

 The Wall of Water is basically a giant man-made waterfall in front of a park. It was really neat looking, and with the heat that I wasn't handling well (hello, migraine) I loved the misty coolness.

 Luke slept through the whole thing. He had a rough day as well. Poor little teething dude.

 I love these pictures of the kids. It shows their personalities so well. Emma being silly, Sara being sweet, and Jack looking for mischief to cause while still trying to be as close to me as possible.

 After this we headed over to the Galleria Mall which is HUGE. I am not a mall lover, so this wasn't my favorite thing ever, but we did see some cool stuff. There was an ice skating rink, and a really cool photo gallery with some amazingly stunning images.

The kids got a kick out of the décor at the Rainforest Café.

 That tree lady talked to Emma about being Earth friendly.

 To wrap up the night, Ross got a Cinnabon and had it cut into fourths so that the kids could all have a piece. He put them in separate boxes which the kids LOVED. Good thinking, Mr. Dad!

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Anonymous said...

What a cool experience for your kids! (All of Houston not just the waterfall. Although that's cool too.) Such well travelled little folks. :)