Thursday, March 15, 2007

After her bath one night, Emma took off after just barely getting her diaper on. We heard her laughing in the front room and just assumed she was playing with some toys. We should have known better.

Just hittin' the books!

Any time it gets quiet in our house, we know that Emma is up to some kind of mischief. One of her favorite forms of mischief is emptying out our DVD cabinet, and then crawling in and hiding. It is so cute.

Emma's new favorite treat are goldfish crackers. Great-Grandma Wallace introduced her to them, and she hasn't turned back since. She is very good about sharing them, even if sometimes we wish she wouldn't.

The only problem is that her other new favorite thing is to dump them all out, and then walk back and forth across them. This makes a very nice mess to clean up.

Oral Hygeine is very important. Just ask Emma. She has become vey adept at taking care of all ten of her teeth.

Emma liked being able to get up close and personal with the Christmas tree. Before Christmas there were too many presents for her to really check things out.

Grandma Goodman and Emma got to be pretty good friends on our Christmas trip.

This is Emma's first Christmas. We had a hard time waking her up to open all of the presents . .

. . . but she got the hang of it soon enough.

Her favorite toy was a caterpillar with rolling balls. She didn't want to open much else after that.

She was also very nice about sharing her new toy.

This was the day before we left for California. We had our own family Christmas and taught Emma how to open presents.
Believe it or not, she found this article of clothing on her own and put it on as such. I came into the room and found her playing in our laundry basket like this. It was just too perfect a moment to pass without a picture.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Splish Splash- Emma's Takin' a Bath!!!

This is Emma's favorite time of the day. We have a lot of fun with her in the tub.

It is also nice to have her use up so much energy just before bedtime.