Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Homes For Kitties

 Some neighbors of my parents got evicted from their home and left behind 7 cats when they left. The poor little cuties took refuge underneath a chair on my parents' porch and would not leave. My family took pity on them and fed them a couple of times, and then they really wouldn't leave. They tried to get some new homes for them, but were not successful, so I decided to try and see if some people out here would want some of them. It worked, and over the next two weeks, we found homes for ALL of them.  Two of them were birthday presents for adorable little girls, and all of them are with new homes who were thrilled to get them. They were all so sweet and loving, and I am so relieved to have been able to place them all. Leo was happy when they were all adopted out as well since we ended up housing about four of them (only one at a time) until their new owners could come and get them. The white one was my favorite guest. I was tempted to try and keep him for myself.

Why We Really Don't Need Any More Toys Reason #32

 Every time I leave the pantry open (something I really try to avoid) this kid seems to know. He has a sixth sense for it or something and will come scrambling for it with much haste and squeals of excitement. This is his objective in scooting over the opened portal of happiness. Funny Kid!

New Year's Eve

 This is how we ring in the new year! Swim suits in Mommy's tub with glow sticks and the lights out. They loved it! They also loved when we poured some of the glow juice from a broken one on the cats tail so we could watch him run around in the dark, but I don't have any pictures of that.

Snow Dog

 This is my mom's dog who is literally scared of water. She will run yelping from a sprinkler or even a cup that she thinks might be filled with liquid death. We are not sure why she has this strange aversion, but it is entertaining. Also entertaining is the fact that while she hates water, she cannot get enough of the fluffy white version of that particular molecule.

Kitty Love

 With the trip to Roosevelt, our overnight trip, and our just plain crazy schedule that kept us away from the house for a long time almost every day, I think this kitty missed me.
 Any time I sat down he would curl right up on my lap and purr like his life depended on it.
I think he was relieved when things finally slowed down a bit.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Date Night

After sledding, we headed down to Orem where we got changed and went swimming in the hotel that Ross had booked for us that night. The plan was to tire them out with sledding and swimming and then take them and Dana back to our house to hang out while we had a night away. The snow, however, made us a little nervous of driving so much that night, so my parents graciously allowed the kiddos to stay at their house.
Ross took me out for Thai food, which was so yummy.
 Mussaman and Satay with extra peanut sauce. Oh my.
 For dessert we headed to Coldstone and were thrilled to find that they have teamed up with Cinnabon. It is Heaven on Earth right there.
 After this we headed back to my mom's house so I could feed Luke and put him down for the night so nobody would have to worry about him. I love that amazing little sleeper! We then went back to the hotel where we were upgraded to an awesome suite because the heater in our room wasn't working. They told us as we walked in, and that was a nice little surprise.

The next morning we took the kids to Krispy Kreme for breakfast and then headed home to actually relax for the last bit of Ross's break.

I love little chances to get away just long enough to miss my home and my kids and remind myself that all those daily chores and tasks are pure blessings.


 We took the kids out to try their new sled from Santa. Emma had a blast. The other kids got too cold to be happy about anything, so they just hung out in the car. We will try it again some other day when it isn't quite so frigid.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Long Overdue!

My parents got their bathroom refinished. This has been a long time coming, and I am so happy for them. It is a little weird that everything is now at a normal height in there. I have been conditioned over years to hunch over a bit in there because it was all strangely much lower than your standard commode. It all looks very nice, and I think their hard work has paid off nicely.

Christmas Day

 This was a big day. We actually left the house. Try not to be too alarmed. Here is what we all woke up to. We are loved.


 Every time Jack and Sara opened up a new item of clothing, they had to wear it immediately.
 Santa brought me a new CTR ring and Brachs peppermint nougats. We haven't been able to find those all winter, and we were thrilled. Santa frought Ross a new tool bag and some sweaters.

 The kids left Santa his favorite Lofthouse cookies and a note.

 Emma asked Santa for a Brave Barbie, but there was no need for that since her grandparents take such good care of her.
 Daddy got the girls jewelry boxes.
 This little guy got a xylophone. He was thrilled. He never leaves the one at Exercise Group alone, so we just knew he needed one of his own.
 Ross got me a nativity.

 The kids all got pillow pets.
 I love these kinds of gifts!

Heather made Jack a cape. He is wearing that with his shirt with a cape and two of his new hats. I seriously love this kid. 
 Applesauce breakfast! Yum!

 The rest of us had bacon, cinnamon toast, fruit and eggs for breakfast.
 So, Emma has a friend at school whose parents are leading her astray by creating a Utes fan out of her. She bullies Emma a bit (gosh, those Utes!) and tells Emma all the time that anyone who likes the cougars suck. Santa left Emma a little note telling her to tell Carolina that he loves BYU. He also proved this by giving Ross and me both lots of BYU gear.
 The kids' haul from Santa.

Mommy's stocking.

 Goodness, I wish these would all stay in order. Oh well. After breakfast and cleaning up, we went to Grandma's house for a lunch. I played with my new I-Touch from Ross. That boy spoils me, but I sure love the new toy!
 This is the boys helping Daddy arrange his new tool bag.

On my mom's birthday, all she asked for was a whisk for the kitchen since hers was broken, but nobody got her one. She complained about that. A lot. We made sure that wouldn't happen again. I love my family, by the way! 

I love Christmas, and I love my family and I was so full of gratitude and happiness this year. Things get busy, but I am glad that I am more able now to sit back in the midst of all that craziness and just take in the wonder of what I am so blessed to be a part of. I am a lucky, lucky woman.