Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Date Night

After sledding, we headed down to Orem where we got changed and went swimming in the hotel that Ross had booked for us that night. The plan was to tire them out with sledding and swimming and then take them and Dana back to our house to hang out while we had a night away. The snow, however, made us a little nervous of driving so much that night, so my parents graciously allowed the kiddos to stay at their house.
Ross took me out for Thai food, which was so yummy.
 Mussaman and Satay with extra peanut sauce. Oh my.
 For dessert we headed to Coldstone and were thrilled to find that they have teamed up with Cinnabon. It is Heaven on Earth right there.
 After this we headed back to my mom's house so I could feed Luke and put him down for the night so nobody would have to worry about him. I love that amazing little sleeper! We then went back to the hotel where we were upgraded to an awesome suite because the heater in our room wasn't working. They told us as we walked in, and that was a nice little surprise.

The next morning we took the kids to Krispy Kreme for breakfast and then headed home to actually relax for the last bit of Ross's break.

I love little chances to get away just long enough to miss my home and my kids and remind myself that all those daily chores and tasks are pure blessings.

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