Wednesday, January 16, 2013


On Thanksgiving morning, I woke up bright and early to join some of my friends in a 5K put on by the city. My friends ended up ditching me about half a mile in because they hadn't believed how slow I would really be. I did, however, run the whole thing even though it got my asthma going pretty bad. I also didn't love that it was way more than a 5K-- more like almost 4 miles, but it was still fun and it made me much less guilty about all the pie I ate that day.
Later on we headed to my grandma's house for lunch. It was yummy, as always.

 Heather was super social...
 Dana taught Emma to play checkers.
 I am grateful for this guy!
After this, we headed to Melissa's house for football and desserts with the Utah portion of the Goodmans. That will have to be its own post, though, because there are lots of pictures.

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