Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Homes For Kitties

 Some neighbors of my parents got evicted from their home and left behind 7 cats when they left. The poor little cuties took refuge underneath a chair on my parents' porch and would not leave. My family took pity on them and fed them a couple of times, and then they really wouldn't leave. They tried to get some new homes for them, but were not successful, so I decided to try and see if some people out here would want some of them. It worked, and over the next two weeks, we found homes for ALL of them.  Two of them were birthday presents for adorable little girls, and all of them are with new homes who were thrilled to get them. They were all so sweet and loving, and I am so relieved to have been able to place them all. Leo was happy when they were all adopted out as well since we ended up housing about four of them (only one at a time) until their new owners could come and get them. The white one was my favorite guest. I was tempted to try and keep him for myself.

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