Monday, June 28, 2010

The Rodeo

This picture isn't of the rodeo- but I like it. This is the first picture I took with my new camera. I wanted it to be a kissing picture, but Ross refused saying some junk about not being able to kiss and drive at the same time. Lame. These are of the Rodeo. I love rodeos! I was so excited that the PRCA was doing a rodeo less than 3 minutes from my house this year. Nothing comes to within 3 minutes of my house ever. It was good times!
Emma thought this rodeo princess was very pretty with her sparkles.
That is Emma's face when you ask her to smile for the camera. Very odd- but so funny!
Saddle Broncos.
Seriously, I can't think of anything more entertaining than watching muscley men try to stay on top of angry large farm animals.

Bull riding.
These horses were gorgeous. The girls were scared to touch them. We are going to have to take them horseback riding or something.
I know this was random as it happened almost a month ago. I just never got around to blogging about it before Jack came onto the scene, and then I was too excited about posting his cuteness to play catch up.
The moral of the post is, I love the rodeo! Also- my house is too hot and I don't want to vaccuum.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

[Insert Title That Doesn't Include the Word Update- I Failed to Think of One On My Own]

This is another post that most people won't care about, but holds information that I have been asked about on numerous occasions. I will try and be brief for those who don't care, but informational for those who are curious.

While in the hospital, I was doing well and healing quickly when I was overcome all of the sudden with a horrible pain just under my belly button, but above my incision scar. It was not normal post-C-Section pain. Some probing from an ungentle doctor showed that I had a uteran infection which was probably a side effect from all the bladder infections I had while pregnant that was exacerbated by the whole giving birth thing. Some antibiotics took care of that pretty quickly and I felt good as new (or as close to new as someone who had major abdominal surgery 3 days prior can).

A few days after coming home from the hospital I was getting out of bed when I dropped to my knees from some more terrible pain, but in a different spot. Not awesome. Again- this was not normal post-C-section pain. I know that pain and hadn't needed narcotics for it at all in the 3 days prior to this onset. It was so bad and so defiant to Percocet (which usually works like a charm) that we knew something was not right. Ross took me to the ER. They did a few tests including an ultrasound but couldn't find anything. The doctor asked some questions about my activities from the day before and was shocked to hear that I had been cooking, cleaning, and scaling stairs a week after a C-Section. He said he was certain I had probably pulled some inner-stitches from over exertion. He said this was not a big deal, but would be painful for a few days. He sent me on my way and scheduled a follow-up with my OB for a few days later.

Also- for the record- I am tough when it comes to pain. It really takes a lot for me to complain much. I can handle most things pretty well with little or no medication. That is another reason it scared me so much to be in such pain.

Anyway- after the follow up appointment found me in worse pain than ever, I was given a CT scan which found a nice little cluster of cysts on my left ovary. They are in a funny spot which is why they weren't seen on the ultrasound. It also showed some minor scar tissue that could corroborate the ER doc's idea about the popped stitches.

So- in conclusion- I now know why I am hurting so badly. Nothing can be done about it except for taking pain pills, which I don't like to do while nursing. I just have to kind of wait it out until they pop on their own or move to a spot that doesn't hurt as much. That is a bummer. However, I am grateful to know why I am hurting and to know that the reason is a normal and non-dangerous reason. I am trying to take it easy (which has not been easy for me) and the pain seems to be getting better every day.

Ross has also been in some pain. About a week before Jack made his debut, Ross and I were moving some furniture around when Ross hurt his rotator cuff. The poor guy was in a lot of pain, and that is saying something because he is tough! He went to a chiroproactor and had a massage therapist friend work on it at work, but he was still always in a bit of pain. He was unable to lay on his right side or lift too much weight. We were not a great duo since I am not supposed to life more than 10 pounds for another week or so.

He has been controlling the pain with Aleve and maybe possibly some of the Motrin that I was prescribed. . . :) He was shown a few stretches that have been helping and I try to rub it out for him before bedtime when possible (ie: when he doesn't start snoring before he hits the pillow. . ) He says it gets a little bit better every day, but I know he is still hurting a lot and that it has really made it hard for him to help me like he wanted to and to enjoy his new little boy to the fullest extent.

In Conclusion Part Two- Ross is hot and tough and could use some prayers in the direction of his right rotator cuff. Thanks!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Emma is the sweetest, smartest, most willing helper I could ever ask for at this point. She has tried to be patient and loving and, for the most part, follows my directions. Ross and I have tried hard to make sure she gets her fair share of loves, praise and snuggles- but to be honest, she can be easy to overlook as far as those things go because she has been so good. She asks me a few times a day what she can do to help me. I am so grateful for how mature she has been acting through all of this because it has really made things easier. She likes her new brother and thinks it is very special to have a baby in the house. She is trepidatious about touching him, but I like that. A healthy concern at this point is a good thing I think.

Lastest funny anecdote about her- she likes to tell people all about how "the baby doesn't have teeth, so he has to eat special milk in Mommy's breast." All true- but a little awkward for me. . .

Sara is taking this adjustment a little harder- which we expected. She is younger than Emma, and is much more affectionate right now. We knew she would struggle seeing someone else taking her precious snuggle time. She has been really good, though. She thinks the baby is cute and likes to gently touch his soft hair. That is all she will do- which, again, I like. I am glad neither of them are wanting to hold and grab at the baby. Sara has been waking up really early since I came home from the hospital, and that is annoying because it means I have to get up as well. She has been clinging to Daddy more and more as I spend pretty much all of my time feeding the baby or trying to clean the house. We are trying to keep her happy and we tell both the girls how much we love them mulitple times a day how much we love them, but that doesn't keep this from being a hard adjustment for a little snuggle-bug like Sara. Things are getting better as she is learning that she might have to just share me with Jack every now and again.

Latest funny anecdote about her- every time people come over to visit, Sara grabs her doll and a little bottle to show them her baby. They are there oohing and ahing over my baby, so she has figured out how to get a similar kind of attention for herself.

He is the best baby I have ever had. I mean that totally and completely. Heavenly Father knew I needed an easy baby for once! He eats really well- almost too well. The kid is always hungry. He sleeps fairly well if I am holding him. I wish he would sleep in his crib, but I do what I gotta do to survive in this three kid world now. Sleeping with a baby in my arms seems a fair trade for a decent night of sleep. He doesn't spit up at all, which, frankly, is amazing compared to the girls who both had Baby-Bulemia (not that's not real). He rarely cries about anything aside from wanting to eat which is a stark contrast from my two cholicy girls. He is also the best little snuggler. All my babies have been, and I LOVE that. He wiggles himself down in as close as he can get and gives constant little sighs of contentment. Closeness is happiness for him, and it makes this Mom thing that much sweeter. Also- he is beautiful. Seriously, those Goodman genes make for amazing babies!

Funny anecdote about him- He is very vocal while eating. He makes grunts and sighs and lets everyone around know just how happy he is about his meal. This isn't a big deal at home, but when I am trying to be discreet in other places like my mom's house or the ER (story to come) or the CT Scan waiting room (part of that story that is to come), it makes it a little harder. Not that there would really be any confusion about what I was doing under that cover anyway, but his noisyness makes people look and stare and usually smile, but sometimes glare.

OK- that is how my kids are doing. I will get in an update of how Ross and I are doing a little (OK- maybe a lot) later. Keep in mind I am a little busy here and am still figuring out how to work with this new arrangement.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why My Girls Didn't Even Miss Me: Reason #34

Emma has asked me a few times since we brought Jack home if I am ever going back to the hospital again. She loved when I was in the hospital. She did not want to come home, and honestly- I don't blame her.

Caulene sent me these cute pictures of just one of their afternoons away from me.
See that box of Wendy's fries? That would be reason #35.
Side note- Sara wears that skirt backwards because she thinks the pink bows on the pockets are cute and make a much better front.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Boys

Nothing is quite as sweet to me as a loving father with his child. Especially when the man
and the child
are both mine.
And when the man changes diapers, that is an added bonus!
Ross, you are an amazing father and husband. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I thank God every day for you. I couldn't ask for a better friend, companion, or lover. Thank you for loving me.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Boredom Induced Photo Shoot

There have been requests for these pictures to appear on the blog. I got bored at the hospital on Sunday because the girls were at my mom's house and Ross was at a meeting at our church to find out about the new ward boundaries. I was all by my lonesome for a few hours and decided to entertain myself by having a mini-photo shoot with my little man. Have I mentioned how much I love him? He really is amazing.

This was the first picture I took, and it is my favorite. He is so beautiful.
He looks like a tough guy here. Cute! oh, and tough!
Where my homies at, yo?
He likes to hold my hand when he sleeps. It melts my heart.
Dreaming of eating.
I love me some baby feet.
And baby hands. He has long fingers. I love them.
I love that all my babies are snugglers. It makes it hard to share at times, but I will never tire of their addiction to affection. It is a necessity in my life!
This one is all fuzzy here, and I don't know why. His eyes are lovely.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Big Day For Jack

- this one is by Ross
Well Jack is now a little less of a man than he once was! Yes, our little Jack lost his manly turtleneck forever. So if you haven't figured it out yet Jack was circumcised yesterday. The nurse commented on the size of his hands on the first day and oh yes it is true as the saying goes.. anyway, Jack had no idea what he was in for when I wheeled him in to the back of the nursery, The nurse in passing said "Good Luck" I don't know if that was meant for me or him. As I entered the room, I had to sign a consent form, I signed where the Doctor pointed which happened to the witness line so the nurse signed on the legal guardian line, we were already off to a great start, Then they strapped his little legs down and began to remove the diaper, the nurse said "oh good we got a dry one" and then the Doctor said "oh good" as if waiting for the precise moment when he knew he would do the most damage, right as the nurse went to remove the diaper and the doctor was getting into position dark greenish black poop flew out from his bum as if he were aiming for them, the nurse had got some on her sleeve and was disgusted at the fact that she had to remove all of the steril equipment and resterilize the strapboard that had just been deficated on. Just then Jack who was crying quite profusely as if now knowing what was about to happen let out a little giggle / hiccup and then smiled as I inserted the dropper filled with the sweet nectar of sugar water, as if rewarding him for being such an excellent marksman. Anyway, then the doctor strapped him in tight and began to poke and pry and snip and snip and insert a cruel medieval looking device actually bell shaped around his little manhood and then slice and all of sudden Jack was no longer as whole as he was on the day he was born. Jack's foreskin is no longer, and the beautiful thing is he will never remember a thing about it, unless he learns from this experience that pain is rewarded with sugary treats.

Baby Brother: A Photo Essay by Emma Rose Goodman- Age 4

Heather gave Emma her camera to keep the child entertained when she was getting a little restless in the hospital room. These are some of the priceless moments she captured.

There were about 60 of these. She likes that Aunt Heather!

There were like 400 of these. She likes that Grandma.

I love my mom! So much!
Caulene has a pretty profile.