Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Reason For Our Current #1 Household Rule

Rule #1 in the Goodman Abode:
ALWAYS turn off the light and shut the door after using the comode.

Why is this the most important rule? Because this one can smell a full roll of toilet paper from a room away!

This is getting to be an expensive bit of naughtiness...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Emma's Writing

Now that Emma isn't in pre-school, we have upped our Learning Time. One day I didn't really have time to sit down and do Learning Time with her as I was packing for our trip to CA. I was writing out a list of all the things I needed to get done, and Emma asked if she could do the same. So, as I ran around tending to all the last minute chores before our vacation, she dutifully copied down the whole list.

She made the a really big because "It is a big job!" She liked it so much, that it is now a regular thing for her to copy words I write, and then sound them out. Such a smart girl!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jack's Vanity

Jack LOVES to see pictures of himself. His favorite thing is to have pictures taken of him, and then see the picture on the camera. One morning he woke me up by throwing my camera at me in bed. He got into my purse. I knew just what he wanted, so we had a little photo shoot.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Naughty Boy!

But still pretty cute... That is hot coacoa powder. All over. Everywhere. It took me a week to get it all cleaned up because just when I thought I had got it all, I would find another crevice where the fine powder had fallen.

He got into those potatoes too. He would take a bit out of each one, decide he didn't like it, and throw it around.

He is such a little stinker!

It is so hard to discipline kids while laughing though...

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Some Things About That Jack Boy

1. We actually call him The Boy. It is a cute nickname, I think, but it sometimes has the potential of sounding like we equate our baby with a dog...

2. He loves bananas. And watermelon. And lemons.

3. He can always tell when he is about to fall asleep, and will do whatever it takes to stay awake- especially if he senses the dozing while he is nursing. He will slap his face (or sometimes MY face), kick, sit up and look around, and makes loud noises. It usually doesn't work for more than about 10 minutes, but sometimes he really will keep himself up long enough to hit his second wind.

4. He is walking. But not if I put shoes on him.

5. He can't say any animal names yet except for sometimes Cat. He can, however, make animal noises when he sees animals. They are not the usual monikers of, 'moo' and 'meow', but rather his own baby imitations of those animals. My favorite is the cow. He picked that one up when we went to see Grandpa Goodman's cows.

6. He does not like wearing pants. He takes them off. Sometimes his diaper finds its way off as well.

7. He gives the best baby hugs and snuggles imaginable! His open-mouth slobbery kisses, however, I could do without...

8. He loves when we sing songs with the girls before bedtime. He does the actions to Popcorn Popping. I love it.

9. This boy adores his sisters. He loves when they will play with him or talk to him or even walk near him. They are good sports with him too, and will do whatever they can to make him giggle. They draw the line, however, when he starts pulling hair, which he does a lot.

10. Jack is a boy. Very different from my girls. He likes to do what Ross and I call Man Stuff with his daddy. If Ross is ever digging or raking or mowing or drilling, Jack has to be a part of it. It is as though he can sense where his masculine little future lies and wants to get a jump start on things. He also likes to be dirty. Not his mother's favorite thing in the world.

I love this little boy. He is such a joy. Well worth all the trials we went through to get him here.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Jack's Birthday Party

There are a lot of pictures here. There could have been more. I don't feel like writing the traditional peppy blog introduction bit, so take a look at the pictures and the brief synopses and pretend that I put something readworthy here.

Emma would not wear her new swimsuit, and insisted on this tiny one from last year because, and I quote, "It is a pink kind of day." Also she had some chicken. And a plate in the shape of a horse. We bought a water splashy bouncy house thing for the party. It was an awesome deal and will make us popular this summer. Best ever! Hot Ross and his chubby wife.

Dana and Sara.

He looks so suspicious here.

Grandpa and Jack off for an adventure.

Jack likes hats.

A plush Mater from my sisters? (There were a lot of helping hands shoving presents in my face and I'm not entirely sure who brought what.)

I am sad that Melissa didn't come with her pink hair.

Is it wrong to be dangerously attracted to this picture? If so, I never want to be right again!

Oh, here are all the other present pictures. I got a little claustrophobic. No touchy the face, kiddies!

Dumbo from Jim and the gang? It is so soft!

We got him a banana. Yes, we are cheap, but I am pretty sure it was his favorite gift!

Fruit snacks from Carrie.

Costo Cake!

Dana and Heather. They made a wonderful camera team. Love you girls!

Tonka truck from Grandpa JONES. This was Ross's favorite.

It is just the right size. Now if he would only stay this size forever....

Grandpa gets a little nervous.

He liked the cake- or the frosting at least.

I can't believe he is a year old. I am fairly certain we got home from the hospital last week. This boy is so much fun and brings a brand of light and joy that is all his own. I love you Jack-Boy!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Eagle Mountain Parade

This morning Ross decided that we should go to the Eagle Mountain parade. We hadn't planned on it, but it was close, and very few exciting things ever happen close to us, so we decided to go check it out. Emma and Sara grabbed all the candy they could, which task was made challenging due to our close proximity to some professional parade veterans. (Those kids were fast!) Here are some pictures. We all know that is the only reason ya'll are here.... :)

I bought the girls Otter Pops from a super cute little entrepreneur.

Sara is pretty.
Ross is hot!
Jack is funny.
and ticklish!
We were in a great spot as lots of the entertaining entries stopped right in front of us. This guy was taken out in a wild west duel.

This cannon was for the Civil War re-enactors.

Waiting for more candy.

Westlake Marching Band. I can't help it. The band geek streak runs deep in me. Look at Sara covering her ears....
We got all kinds of swag like this hat, a frisbee, and a t-shirt in addition to lots of candy. Not bad for a spur of the moment weekend entertainment idea!

We left the parade early to get on home and prepare for Jack's birthday party, which will be posted tomorrow.

I think.

Don't quote me on that....