Thursday, June 02, 2011

California Trip: Day 4- Sunday

We spent the morning at church where Ross was repeatedly mistaken for Joe. There were some excellent lessons given that we all discussed throughout the day. I love lessons like that. Later that day we had an excellent ham dinner, but while we waited for the family to arrive, Ross took us on a tour of the ranch.

There was potential for seriously cute pictures in here with the lighting, buy my crippling arachnophobis would not permit me to enter, so we had to make do withe the zoom. I freakin' HATE spiders!
Ross grabbed some flakes of hay to get the cows to come and see the girls.

This little guy was hangin' out by the porch and Emma loved it. She was disappointed, however, that he didn't change colors like Pascal.

Boy toys!

Uncle Troy played this cute game with Emma and Macie.

After dinner we chatted and watched our kids be cute with each other. My kids really love their cousins! I wish we could get them all together more often. I suppose the distance does make their time together more special, though.

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