Friday, June 03, 2011

California Trip: Day 5- Memorial Day

We woke up and packed up our car this morning. We headed out to an old pioneer cemetary with Grandma and Grandpa Goodman, Clay and Stephanie, and their kids. We looked at all the old headstones- sadly, many of which have been vandalized. Grandma gave each of the kids a little flag and they all chose a grave of a veteran to place their flags on. I was a dummy and left my camera in the car, but it was a nice little Memorial Day activity.

Back at the ranch, we had an EXCELLENT tri-tip roast dinner that was prepared by a caterer in Ross's home ward. Apparently his parents won the dinner in a service auction that was a fundraise for the young women. It was amazing.

Just before we left, Jack got to open his very first birthday present.

This is out of order, but Jack really liked this exercise ball.

Clearly, the toy was a hit as all the cousins wanted to play with it.

Good choice, Grandma! After some yummy flag cake, I tried to get a good picture of our family with the Goodman grandparents. None of these are perfect, but I like them. I especially like that one of the cousins kept sneaking in the shot by Grandma's feet.

Then we drove and we drove and we drove and we drove home.

We got here around 5:00 in the morning, and I crashed until 11:00. I had the home stretch of driving and could not rouse Ross to help me stay awake no matter what I did- so I rolled down the windows and listened to audio books and chugged caffeine and slapped my face and anything else I could think of to stay awake. The kids were AMAZING on the trip. I was so proud of the girls especially who were very patient and calm and stayed entertained by coloring, eating snacks, watching movies, singing songs, and best of all- SLEEPING.

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