Monday, March 29, 2010

Why I am Terrified to Have a Boy- Reason #567

This is a typical morning in our house. I'm not sure where Jack would fit in with all of that femininity.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hey There!

I have been looking at a few different blogs and websites about writing and journaling and things of that nature. I especially like reading through the writing prompts. One that has popped up a number of times is to list some little known and interesting facts about myself in one post, and then use that list for future posts. I have decided to do that on the days when I don't have pictures to post for my parents and grandparents- but first I have to compile the list. So, without further ado (I totally used to think that phrase was 'with no further adieu' until I realized that made no sense at all) here is a short list of things you may or may not have known about me. Be excited to hear the more in depth versions later on!

  1. I have to read books cover to cover. Literally. I finally stopped myself from reading all the publishing info in college- but I never miss a foreword, dedication, glossary, epilogue, editor's note, or the teaser chapters for future books. I do this with magazines too.
  2. I talk to myself when I am alone. Usually it is just little things like mini-pep talks, lists of tasks to do, or reminders- but sometimes it goes more in depth than that.
  3. I lie at church when I make comments. I know- this is weird. The thing is, when I have ideas or council that is applicable to the topics being discussed, I feel weird about taking credit for those ideas. I don't want people thinking I am arrogant, so I credit my ideas to other people. A lot of my comments are falsely prefaced with things like, "My Young Women's leader once said. . ", "My mom always told me. . .", "One of my roommates once talked about. . ."
  4. I cry every day. I have been doing that since High School. It calms me.
  5. When I get bored listening to lectures, speeches, and even talks, I write my own talk or speech on that subject in my head.
  6. I tried for an entire semester to go by Mandy, but could never make it stick.
  7. I am hopelessly sarcastic. I blame mostly my dad, but my mom is fairly well versed in it as well. People who don't understand sarcasm confuse and irritate me.
  8. I hate shopping for clothes. It is the worst.
  9. I LOVE grocery shopping.
  10. I hate most chick flicks. I used to love them, and then I had a real relationship with a real man, and most romantic comedies after that experience bored, annoyed, and even offended me.
  11. I am usually in the middle of four different books and one magazine. This is because I have 3 bathrooms, a purse, and a car.
  12. I am mostly terrified to have a third child. Mostly I am excited, but also I am mostly scared out of my mind. Does that make sense?
  13. I hate small talk. Seriously- I hate it.
  14. My life right now kind of revolves around facebook. Not in a creepy stalker kind of way, but in a constant quick checks and updates between writing lesson plan segments kind of way.
  15. I like hearing when I have something legitimately wrong with me when I have been feeling gross. It makes me feel like less of a weakling when I hear my pains have been caused by actual conditions and not just from me overreacting to heartburn or indigestion.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wide Load :)

OK, OK, OK!!! Here is my belly. Also, before you hit that comment button like I know you ALL want to do, let me just say that if you are one of my sweet friends who are much farther along than me, but much smaller in your midriff measurements (Becca, Michelle, Heidi, Amy. . .), then go ahead and refrain from pointing that out. I know I am rediculously huge, so avoid making me cry please! :)

Those of you who think I am exaggerating, be assured I am not. My measurements are bigger than average. The doctor even says so. I have a mean little belly of babyness which is kind of funny to me because I am actually 20 pounds lighter than when I first got pregnant. [I am NOT dieting- I was just sick for a while, and I eat healthier when prego and nursing.] Jack has quite the swimming pool in there, and I have quite the round ligament pains (but no stretch marks yet- knock on wood).

Sometimes I really forget how big I am until I try to fit by people in hallways or when I catch my reflection by surprise in windows or other things. On Sunday, I got into one of my dresses only to walk out of my closet and look in the mirror to see a huge purple floral blimp standing there with my necklace! I laughed a little bit about it, and then changed into something that camoflaged the 'bump' a little better.

Anyway, that is all just to say that, yes- I am big and not that far along yet. I know. I will probably get bigger too. Right now I am just a few inches shy of where I measured just before Sara was born. Maybe it's because he is a boy? I don't know. I just know carrying this third child has been a very different experience than my other two pregnancies and I am running out of things that fit me.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Exploring Cabella's

Last Saturday (yes, these pictures are a week old- I am still learning how to use my new camera) I was getting a little touch of Cabin Fever. That happens more often now that I don't have a car for the time being. I literally go days without leaving my house- and that gets old. Anyway, I wanted to get out, but I didn't want to have to spend any money. Ross came up with the BRILLIANT idea to go over to Cabella's and look at all the stuffed animals and the giant fish tanks. The girls LOVED it!

I know the rest of us look weird- but I loved Emma's face in this picture. They have these fish tanks full of fresh water fish like catfish, trout, bluegills, and other things I didn't recognize. They are HUGE!
Ross took this one. He said he wanted to learn the art of the self taken kissing portrait. Not too bad, Honey!
Emma kept calling that mammoth catfish a shark.
It does kind of look like one. . .

Emma loved all the taxkidermy animals. I could NOT get her to look at the camera- she was too engrossed.
Bear liked the Polar Bear best of all.

It was a really fun day, and I am glad Ross thought of it. It is probably something we will do again since the girls ask to go see the fish and the bears every day now. It was educational too. Emma knows what a Javelina is now, and she can differentiate between a Deer and an Elk.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Future Bibliophiles

Or current ones, actually. This is something I haven't taken pictures of in a while because it happens every day and I just don't think about it. After lunch, they bring down a big stack of books to the couch. I let them each pick 2 for me to read to them.
After that, they sit quietly there on the couch (or not so quietly depending on which books they chose) for about 45 minutes and read the books to each other.
Emma's versions are especially delightful. "And then the Mommy bear got mad because the baby bears were whining and crying and driving her nuts (I have no idea where she got that. . .)so they went outside and played and then she missed them and made them cookies. " Page turn. "And then the Daddy Bear ate all the cookies and the baby bears cried so Mommy Bear hugged them and then they said a prayer and sang a song." Page turn. Singing "We love Mommy she loves me and I am happy and no more crying and happy cookies and yayeeeeeee!" Page Turn. "The End."
Sara mostly tells you what animals are in the pictures and what colors she sees.
I love these moments of the day because they are quiet and I can work with them right there next to me. I am glad they do this on their own as well, because reading is important to me, but I never want them to feel forced into it.
Oh, and yes- little Bear there has a bare bum. At least she has a shirt on.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Through various social networking sites, I have seen a number of my mommy friends post all kinds of amazing things they have done this week. We are talking making quilts, painting closets, assembling toys, running rediculously long distances in rediculously fast speeds, planning lessons, teaching lessons, reading book, cleaning stains, creating newsletters, attending meetings, fixing broken furniture, and many other kinds of productive projects that require skill, patience, time, and attention.

I got to feeling low today when I started measuring myself against those other women. Why do I do that? Why do we (we meaning women) do that?

Anyway, as I was feeling all low and unsuccessful I decided to create a list of all the things I have done today. I am surprised at how much better it made me feel.
  • Dressed my girls.
  • Put Emma's hair in pig tails. She LOVES pig tails.
  • Went visiting teaching.
  • Did a load of laundry.
  • Wrote 2 chapters worth of a lesson plan on a Virginia Woolf book.
  • Read 12 books to my kids.
  • Took pictures of my girls reading books.
  • Congratulated Sara a bazillion times for going peepee on the potty. Toddlers pee a lot. Have I mentioned we are now a diaper free home except at nighttime? Yayness!
  • Pet the cat.
  • Fed the cat.
  • Hugged my girls.
  • Fed my girls.
  • Unloaded the dishwasher.
  • Loaded the dishwasher.
  • Unloaded the dishwasher.
  • Loaded half the dishwasher.
  • Marvelled at how many dishes had been crammed into my little sink. Didn't think I was that far behind. . .
  • Called Ross at work.
  • Commented on some facebook stati.
  • Chatted with a distressed friend.
  • Checked my e-mail.
  • Wrote an e-mail.
  • Practiced some primary songs on the piano.
  • Sang someprimary songs with my girls.
  • Pushed my girls on the swing.
  • Warmed up my girls' hands when they got cold from swinging.
  • Wiped my girls' noses when they got cold from swinging.
  • Congratulated the cat on vanquishing another mouse.
  • Had a tickle war with my girls. I won. I always win!
  • Gave Jack a little talking to about kicking me in the same spot so many times it bruises.
  • Complained about my round ligament pain- but only twice.
  • Went on a short walk.
  • Read some blogs.
  • Found out that there is a third Narnia movie coming out in December.
  • Called Ross at work again to tell him that there is a third Narnia movie coming out in December.
  • Prayed that my dad would get word about the job he applied for at the VA.
  • Texted my dad to congratulate him on getting a job at the VA.
  • Called Ross at work. What? I missed him today.
  • Made the couch-bed in the front room.
  • Watched a movie with the girls.
  • Made crepes for dinner. They are Ross's favorite.

Now I can add writing a blog post to that list!

I realize that most of these things are fairly simple and inconsequential, and only one of them will reap any kind of monetary benefit- but I felt much more accomplished and productive seeing it all written out like that. Even in retrospection, some of the silly things that I saw as relaxing and self-indulgent (watching a movie with the girls, going for a walk, calling my husband) can be seen as showing support and love for my family. Even the blogs I read were about recipes, budget shopping, and cheap decorating. (ok, ok, one was about funny cake mistakes, and another was about silly photoshop mistakes in national campaigns. . .)

I guess the moral of this post- since all good posts have morals, right- is that worth may not always be found in the most productive of activities. I would have loved to make a quilt, time a half marathon, and paint a bedroom today- but even without those things, I had a very fulfilling and enriching day.

Also- it's not over yet! The night is young, and Ross doesn't have to get up early tomorrow!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bedtime Boogy!

Sometimes when it is bedtime, these little animals are just not ready to go down.
They are, however,
more than ready, to Get Down with their Groove Thang!
Oh, my- how did that get in there? ;) I love these little monkeys!
They are shakin' their little bums. Cuteness.
I am happy to report that after some good booty shaking, head-shoulder-knees-and-toeing, and ring-around-the-rosying, they went peacefully to bed and slept the night away.

I think everyone could use a good Bedtime Boogy ever now and again.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

This Little Girl is 4 Years Old!

Can you believe it? I can't. When did that happen? We decided we wanted her to have a real birthday party this year at a place where we could accomodate a lot of people and where I would NOT have to cook or clean. I did some extra review work so that we could take her and her closest 20 friends and family to Pirate Island Pizza. She has been into pirates lately, and we heard this place was a lot of fun- so we thought it would be the perfect match. It was! We had a great time, and she is still talking about how much fun she had.

My camera finally kicked the bucket the night before the party. It hasn't been working right since our Portland trip, but I have been making it work alright until then. It finally refused to be coaxed, jerked, manipulated and tweaked into semi-working order (I haven't been able to zoom since July, and the flash either worked ALL the time or NOT AT ALL). I called on my sisters to do my photographic work for me, so I have pictures from 3 different sources. A lot of pictures. A LOT! I tried to narrow it down- but I have never claimed to be good at that ever. I broke up the post into a bunch of categories for your convenience. If you don't care, then don't look. If you do, then make sure you go into the older section to catch them all. They are cute, I promise. My girls are in them- so how could they not be? :)

We love you Emma! Happy Birthday Matey!

Emma's Pirate Birthday- The Arrrrghcade (Yes it is really called that)

After presents, visiting, pizza, and cupcakes, we went over to the arcade to use the tokens that came with our GIANT pizzas (that we got half off with a coupon- thanks, Nate and Carrie!!).

This was my favorite game. Ross beat me by 2 shots the first time, then I TOTALLY smoked him (by one shot) the second time. Sara watching the exciting Air Hockey game between Carrie and Nate. Carrie won. Then Ross and I played, and I won. By a lot. I am awesome like that.
I don't know what this game is, but I like Emma's hair.
Check out their intensity. This is for real, folks!
Emma is begging for more tokens. Also- I am fat.
Good form, Dana!!
This is the second round where I dominated!

Ross was the man at this chameleon tongue game thing. The girls loved this.
Caulene is showing her niece how it is done!

Emma liked the little merry-go round.
And the train. She liked the merry-go round better, but liked that Sara could sit with her in the train.

Good times. Good party! I am glad we decided to do this for her- she LOVED it, and we enjoyed it too. Also, we had enough left over pizza to keep me from cooking 4 more meals after this. I love me some high quality left overs!! Thanks everyone for coming!

Emma's Pirate Birthday- The Awesome Aunts

I don't want to brag, cause that's not my style, but I have to say that my sisters pretty much rock! They are WONDERFUL! They are smart and sassy and so incredibly devoted. They LOVE their little nieces to death, and spoil them accordingly. They are amazing, and I am so grateful for the place they have in my children's lives. I love them so much and am so grateful for how patient and loving they are with Emma and Sara. The girls ADORE all of them and both do little happy dances whenever they hear they get to be with them. This post is all about them! Well, all about them at Emma's birthday party.

Aunt Heather with Sara. Aunt Caulene with Emma.

Aunt Caulene with a cupcake.
Aunt Heather with Sara and Jenna.
Aunt Dana and Heather. Hot! So hot! They are both single!! (but the one on the left is 14, so back off!)
I love both of their tongues of concentration.
Aunt Dana being yelled at for not getting more rootbeer! :)
Aunt Heather has her covered though. Or was that Dr. Pepper. . .