Sunday, March 07, 2010

Emma's Pirate Birthday- The Arrrrghcade (Yes it is really called that)

After presents, visiting, pizza, and cupcakes, we went over to the arcade to use the tokens that came with our GIANT pizzas (that we got half off with a coupon- thanks, Nate and Carrie!!).

This was my favorite game. Ross beat me by 2 shots the first time, then I TOTALLY smoked him (by one shot) the second time. Sara watching the exciting Air Hockey game between Carrie and Nate. Carrie won. Then Ross and I played, and I won. By a lot. I am awesome like that.
I don't know what this game is, but I like Emma's hair.
Check out their intensity. This is for real, folks!
Emma is begging for more tokens. Also- I am fat.
Good form, Dana!!
This is the second round where I dominated!

Ross was the man at this chameleon tongue game thing. The girls loved this.
Caulene is showing her niece how it is done!

Emma liked the little merry-go round.
And the train. She liked the merry-go round better, but liked that Sara could sit with her in the train.

Good times. Good party! I am glad we decided to do this for her- she LOVED it, and we enjoyed it too. Also, we had enough left over pizza to keep me from cooking 4 more meals after this. I love me some high quality left overs!! Thanks everyone for coming!

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Sophia & Cameron said...

You are pregnant not fat. The difference being your belly has greater girth due to the human growing inside.