Sunday, March 07, 2010

Emma's Pirate Birthday- Guest List!

Kim and Emily came. Emily was terribly sick with a horrible inner-ear infection, and she still came! Emma was thrilled, as was I. She is a good friend.
Aunt Caulene, Grandma Jones, and Aunt Heather.
Aunt Dana, Grandma Jones, and Sara all came! And Emma. She was there. At her party.
Hi, Mom! Love you!
Mommy, Daddy, and Jack were in attendance. 2 of us even paid. Brooke, Max, Sam, Jake (Emma's Cousins), and Uncle Jim!
Lots of pirates came, and even sang a little dity for her. They all get to by their own costumes for their job. Fun place!

Nate Gross. Totally stylin' that hat!

Mommy and Sara were there. So was Jack.
She is so pretty. Gosh, I make pretty babies!

Carrie Gross. I loved that she came!
Jenna- my cousin.

Jenna and Aunt Heather. Heather had no need for a sword. She had her blackberry.
I love Jenna's damsel in distress face.
Sara and Daddy. She sure likes him. I love that.

I just like Carrie's face here. and Nate's. Is he sleeping while she is ranting and raving?

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Sophia & Cameron said...

Are you really naming your baby boy Jack? That information could be helpful in my boy crafty goodness that I have planned.