Friday, June 29, 2012

Baby Feet: One of God's Greatest Inventions!

 If I were one of those moms, I would have inserted some original poem here about how sweet and neat little baby feet are.  I refrained.  You're welcome.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jack's Cousin Party

I never get great pictures when Ross's family is around and I feel bad about that. :(  I just get caught up with visiting and all the kids and I don't have one of my sisters to take over camera duty.  Next time I will do better!  I am determined! Anyway, here is what I have.

 The day before Jack's birthday we had a little party for him with his cousins.  We had the big water slide set up in the back yard, but nobody from the family wanted to use it.  It was taken over by the neighbor kids.  I found that kind of funny.

So, a little while back we had this problem with Jack getting into our food storage.  The one thing he really liked to crack open was my cans of coconut caramel frosting.  In his honor, we used one of the 4 cans sitting in the fridge to make some German chocolate cupcakes since he obviously loves that frosting.  Stinker. :)

We got him this fun Elmo tool bench from some friends down the street who just moved.  He loves it.
 Uncle Rex got him a soccer ball.  He loves it.

 Jim and Melissa gave him a giant thing of bubbles.  He loves them.  Are you seeing a trend here?  We had a very happy boy!
 OK, the reason we have couches taking over our living room in these pictures is that we got a new set for our basement at a Memorial Day Sale, but we still hadn't moved the old one sitting in our basement since I was not much help since Ross didn't want my incision to open up or some nonsense like that.  We took advantage of all the manpower who came to the party and had Ross's brothers help move the old couch out and the new couch in.  Thanks guys! :)

 The kids played with that thing for an hour after everyone left.  Best online yard sale find ever!

Jack Enters the Terrible Twos

 We had a little get together with my family for Jack on his birthday.  It was simple and fun.  Ross grilled up some kabobs for everyone, and then we chatted and watched Jack play with all his new toys. 
 This was his second soccer ball for his birthday.  He got one from Unlce Rex the day before (pictures of that get together to come.  They are still on the camera.)
 This girl has to be bribed and threatened to give a normal face for pictures any more.  Stinker.
 This girl really loves any excuse to consume orange styrofoam bits.
 This girl is way too pretty for her own good these days...

 See what I'm sayin'?!
 Oh dear -- it's contagious.

Miss Molly enjoying all the presents

 Here is a picture of Luke.  This is for Brittany.
He kept telling me the fire was hot, but wouldn't blow it out.

Magna Doodle
Optimus Prime Mask!

More trucks.  Best day ever!

Some Things To Know About The Boy
  • He loves his little brother.  It is very sweet.  He gets very upset when we don't attend to Luke the moment he starts crying.
  • He loves trucks and balls.  That is pretty much all he needs in life to be happy.
  • He loves his mama.  :)
  • He is an early riser. I usually end up snuggling with him in my bed shortly after Ross leaves for work and he will chat and kick and wiggle and pay with toys and do whatever he can think of to get me to wake up with him.
  • He loves yogurt.  A lot.
  • He is sneaky.  My worst moments are when I realize he has been quiet for far too long. 
  • He is behind in his speech, but he communicates just fine in his own way.  We were worried for a while, but now he is catching up and his hearing and comprehension are clearly just fine.
  • He goes to bed really well.  Amazingly well.  I just put him in bed, sing a couple of songs and walk away.  It is amazing.  The girls are much more needy at bed time.
  • He gives the best hugs ever.  Seriously.  So tight and sincere.
  • He picks out his own clothes.  Yes, already.  Please don't judge if you see him in moon boots and way too small for him shorts.  We just roll with it.  Pick your battles, right?
  • He eats. He eats all the good stuff too.  We don't have to nag at him to eat his veggies because he loves them.
  • He is a bit of a bully, especially with Sara.  He has figured out that he is a bit more physical than them, and uses this to his advantage.   
  • He loves music.  Singing, dancing, whatever.  He gets upset in the car if I listen to an audio book instead of the radio.
  • He is the most destructive child I have ever met.  He is fast about it, too.  I very rarely shower during the day anymore because even the fastest shower leaves far to wide a window of untended time.
  • He loves being in pictures.  He has the cutest posed smile.  I love it.
  • He makes me happy.  So very happy.  I am so blessed.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Heather's Birthday AKA The Day I Was Really Hoping to Have Luke

This picture was not taken on Heather's birthday, but I love it.  It totally captures her from the Hogwartsesque sweater to the awesome archery pose to the mismatching socks.  :)
 My sisters are now incapable of opening birthday presents now without the help of their nieces.  WE have handicapped them with our awesome helpers.
 The same thing is happening with birthday candles as well.  PS- that cake was yummy!
 These girls are silly.
 Thanks for smiling Emma, you punk!

 We love you, Heather.  Thanks for being born and stuff.

Monday, June 25, 2012

You Know The Boy is Tired When . . .

 . . . he falls asleep before finishing one of his favorite desserts!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation

 Ross wasn't able to attend Emma's Kindergarten graduation because he had to return to work a week earlier than expected.  I took some videos for him to enjoy later.  Emma was mad when she saw these because apparently she never noticed that her cap had fallen off due to her cute little buns that she specifically requested for the day.
 Jack checking on his week old brother.  He likes the baby.  I love it!
 Emma and Mrs. Woffinden.  She was a wonderful teacher, and I am grateful for everything she did for Emma this year.
  She was very gracious with her eye surgery and all the extra things we requested of her due to that.  She also tried to keep Emma engaged and challenged in the areas she excelled at (READING!).  I know she did not have to do this, especially with 59 other students and her own newborn to worry about, so I am very impressed with how much attention she tried to give Emma.
 Peyton and Emma.  I am crossing my fingers and toes that they get in the same class next year.
 Emma and Katie.  We are so sad Katie and her  family are moving. :(
 Emma loves this picture because she was so happy Katie wore the flower Emma gave her for her birthday.
 My little graduate, and her brother who insisted on being in the picture.  Also, the bags under my eyes.  So attractive. . .
Emma is such a smart and motivated little girl.  We are still deciding on exactly how to structure her school next year (we are thinking half-time home schooling, but I have to talk to the administration still and decide on a curriculum), but whatever we choose, I know she will excel.  She loves school and learning and gets excited when she masters new skills.  She reads wonderfully and I love sharing something so dear to me with her.  At one point she fell behind in math, but it took less than a couple of weeks to get her back on track and then back ahead with some work from home.  I have watched her blossom in social situations, and we hear over and over again from people who have seen her go out of her way to friendship others who are sad, lonely, or upset for other reasons.  She knows how to make them comfortable and be their friends.  That is how she and Peyton got to be such good buddies.  She is the best little helper I could ask for and really makes my life easier.  I love her sparkling personality and her genuine concern for others.  She is an amazing little girl, and I can't believe she is mine!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When Mommy is Away, the Kiddies Will Play, Especially if They Have an Awesome Aunt!

  While Luke and I were getting acquainted in the hospital, Caulene took these fun pictures of my kids' fun day with her.  Apparently Jack insisted on wearing Sara's flower sandals instead of his own.  Stinker! :)

 Caulene said she made it through two bars on her own before needing some help.  She is usually afraid of these, so I am proud of her.

 This duck followed Emma around and wouldn't take bread from anyone else.  She called it the 'Crazy Duck'.

My sisters are awesome.  My kids are so lucky!