Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sara's Pre-School Graduation

 I wasn't able to be at Sara's Pre-School graduation because Luke and I were still in the hospital.  Ross took lots of pictures for me to enjoy later that day.

 Her outfit cracks me up.  She has her own unique fashion sense and I love it.
 I love this picture because you can see Jack taking advantage of the fact that all the adults are busy with other things.  Little stinker!
 Roklyn and Sara- BFF material happening right here!

 Emma and Peyton- we love these girls!
 Jack and cake- that is all the BFFing he needs right now. :)
I am sad I couldn't be there, but I sure am proud of my little Sara!  She has learned a lot this past year!

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Anonymous said...

I am in love with Jack's face in that picture! He is awesome!