Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When Mommy is Away, the Kiddies Will Play, Especially if They Have an Awesome Aunt!

  While Luke and I were getting acquainted in the hospital, Caulene took these fun pictures of my kids' fun day with her.  Apparently Jack insisted on wearing Sara's flower sandals instead of his own.  Stinker! :)

 Caulene said she made it through two bars on her own before needing some help.  She is usually afraid of these, so I am proud of her.

 This duck followed Emma around and wouldn't take bread from anyone else.  She called it the 'Crazy Duck'.

My sisters are awesome.  My kids are so lucky!

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Anonymous said...

Cute sandals Jack! I once saw some just like them in my size in a catalog, and I regret every day that I didn't get them.

Good for your girls for being brave enough to get that close to the ducks or geese or whatever, considering that waterfowl are evil, generally speaking.