Friday, June 08, 2012

Planting the Ward Garden

Through some very random turns of events last year, Ross and I ended up being the ward garden specialists.  That is laughable consider our lack of gardening expertise and our rather un-green opposable digits.  Last year it was kind of dropped in our laps, and we were playing catch up and were on perpetual damage control form the get-go.  We tried to be more organized this year with planting maps, calendars, schedule, donation drop-offs, and all manner of Google/Wikipedia research.  Having a baby kind of threw a kink in all of that, but things are starting to look up again even though I need to re-plant a lot of the original crops.  We have a lot more support this year than we did last year, and now that I am back on my feet, things are gonna start taking off here really soon.  Here are the happy helpers we had when we first planted the garden (3 days before I had Luke.  I was hugely pregnant, and so grateful for such a good turn out!)

The Smith Family

 Marianne Smith, our local gardening expert helping these little ladies plant the onions.
 Ruby and Ashly Romig.  Little Ruby was one of my sunbeams a few years back.  I love her to pieces!
 The Woolbright family.
 The Browns and the Smiths getting ready to plant potatoes.
 Kerrie Marshall and Ashley Romig.  Two of me favorite people on the planet.

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