Monday, June 11, 2012

Sara's Zoo Field Trip

 Sara's Pre-School class went on a field trip to the zoo on May 15th, so we all tagged along with her. That gorilla was awesome.  He came right over to the window and stared at Jack.  The kids loved it.
 Jack was more excited about this ball than he was about the tigers.  Silly boy.
 The tigers were amazing.  Right when we came to the window two came down and started playing in the water.  They were so beautiful.  That made the whole day worth it for me.

 We ended the day at the bird show, which is always fun for me even though it never changes.  I like birds.  It also gave me a chance to sit down in the shade for 30 minutes.  Not a bad thing for the day before I had the baby...

 Watching the baby elephant play by the water.

 That pink bird was Sara's favorite thing of the day.

 Sexy man.  He is so fun!  I love that he is always up for a fun adventure with us.  We loved the day so much, even with my huge waddling.  We bought a zoo pass, so we plan to go back soon.

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