Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Heather's Birthday AKA The Day I Was Really Hoping to Have Luke

This picture was not taken on Heather's birthday, but I love it.  It totally captures her from the Hogwartsesque sweater to the awesome archery pose to the mismatching socks.  :)
 My sisters are now incapable of opening birthday presents now without the help of their nieces.  WE have handicapped them with our awesome helpers.
 The same thing is happening with birthday candles as well.  PS- that cake was yummy!
 These girls are silly.
 Thanks for smiling Emma, you punk!

 We love you, Heather.  Thanks for being born and stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Your girls are so fortunate to have such beautiful adoring aunts who don't mind little fingers prying open their presents for them. :) Cute pictures!