Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Easter Kitty

For those who thought the glitter on the kitty was bad, you may not want to view the rest of these pictures. :)
My grandma always says, "Waste not, want not" The left over egg dye had to be used somehow ...

Unfortunately not all of the colors took well to the white fur of my Dad's cat.

Just the pink. . . My dad says the birds should be a bit safer while the dye lasts. :)

I find it festive and fun!

Seriously, how cool is my family?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The (Maybe) Last Egg Decorating Post of 2011

Somehow this one didn't make it in the last batch. I was just going to add it there, but I loved them too much and feared they might get overlooked if put in a previous post. This is Jessica with her lovely Rapuzel- the hair expertly styled by Tanner, and a sparkly Edward created by Heather, who I thought was on Team Jacob, but whatever. Also thanks to my lovely mother for some of the pictures in the previous post. Apparantly I gave credit to some of the wrong people and I wanted to make it right here. Mom, your pictures are amazing and wonderful and almost as pretty as you.

More Epic Egg Pictures STOLEN From Facebook!

My family posted a bunch more egg pictures on facebook, so I stole some. Thanks Carrie, Heather, and Dad!

The glue gun station. More than one blister was caused here. Sauron's Eye! This got the Literary Award.

Art in progress. I love this tradition and all the people who come play!
Yoda. He took first place. He's so cute!

I love this little Toy Story alien.

My Dad posted these. I love the posing of Yoda. Too funny.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Space Odyssey Eggstravaganza 2011

My sisters and cousins always go all-out for Easter egg decorating. Each year is complete with a theme, a pound or two of glitter, as many colors of dye as we can get our hands on, and any other craft supplies we can get our hands on. It's great! This year's theme was Sci-fi and Fantasy. Here are some of the highlights of this annual event.

Emma painted the egg on the right with the red top, and that pink pig. I love them. She is brilliant!
Jessica is warming up with a swirly wax design before she moves on to more artistic endeavors.
Tanner is just funny. I like him.
Aunt Carrie came and joined us this year.

Heather got experimental this year and made some new colors of dyes. She got one that made black eggs if they were left in long enough.

We may or may not have glued glitter on the cat. . .
Caulene got creative with the glue gun. I think the one on the left looks like an external brain. Awesome.
Nate says the one on the right is an alien show girl. I gave it 2nd prze (I got to be the judge this year!) because it looks like the One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying, Purple, People-Eater.
Carrie made Shelob, or Aragog, whichever literary giant spider you prefer. I gave it the most horrific and disgusting award.
Nate's giant moth was very cool looking. I thought it was a great use of the brown eggs.
Aaron made a unicorn. The placement of that horn moved several times as he had forgotten what unicorns actually looked like. Emma helped him out in the end. :) Carrie says it looks like a Marc Brown illustration.
Here is the whole gang.
Caulene, Jessica, Nate in front, Dana, Heather, Deven, Tanner in front, Danielle, Aaron.

April Conference Weekend

These are just a few shots from our Conference Weekend. It included lots of family time and yummy food, and very little exercise... Oh well.

The whole gang at Grandma's house. Allen, Carrie, Mom, Dana, Caulene, Kassidy asleep on the floor, and Ross in the background.
Hi Kass. :)
Emma LOVES this set of animal toys at Great Grandma Wallace's house. She is very particular about how everything goes. I love watching her play like that with toys I enjoyed at her same age.

Seriously, those are all vintage toys that have at least 3 generations of slobber on them. I love these little treasures from my past, and I love sharing them with my babies.

I love him too. Kind of a lot.
Ross went to the Conference Center for the Priesthood session on Saturday with my cousins, uncles, and Grandpa.
Tanner, Aaron, Ross, Grandpa Wallace
Allen must be behind the camera, and I'm not sure where Uncle John is. Ross really enjoyed the session, and gave me a list of talks to listen to ASAP when they became available on

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Don't Eat Pete

We played Don't Eat Pete for FHE one night after Emma played it in Pre-School.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Snow Fishing

I have been kind of a camera slacker as of late. I did, however, find some forgotten photos on my newly revived camera when the battery was charged. These were taken when the kids insisted and playing with their fishing poles even though it was cold and snowy.

Emma got really good at casting by herself. Grandpa Jones would be proud!
Jack really wanted to come and play, but I am a mean mommy and wouldn't let him.

They were so cute and creative as they played like this. They made up lots of different things to be fishing for with even more creative ideas for what bait would be needed to catch said items. In case you were wondering, the proper bait when fishing for giraffes is peanut butter crispy treats.