Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Space Odyssey Eggstravaganza 2011

My sisters and cousins always go all-out for Easter egg decorating. Each year is complete with a theme, a pound or two of glitter, as many colors of dye as we can get our hands on, and any other craft supplies we can get our hands on. It's great! This year's theme was Sci-fi and Fantasy. Here are some of the highlights of this annual event.

Emma painted the egg on the right with the red top, and that pink pig. I love them. She is brilliant!
Jessica is warming up with a swirly wax design before she moves on to more artistic endeavors.
Tanner is just funny. I like him.
Aunt Carrie came and joined us this year.

Heather got experimental this year and made some new colors of dyes. She got one that made black eggs if they were left in long enough.

We may or may not have glued glitter on the cat. . .
Caulene got creative with the glue gun. I think the one on the left looks like an external brain. Awesome.
Nate says the one on the right is an alien show girl. I gave it 2nd prze (I got to be the judge this year!) because it looks like the One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying, Purple, People-Eater.
Carrie made Shelob, or Aragog, whichever literary giant spider you prefer. I gave it the most horrific and disgusting award.
Nate's giant moth was very cool looking. I thought it was a great use of the brown eggs.
Aaron made a unicorn. The placement of that horn moved several times as he had forgotten what unicorns actually looked like. Emma helped him out in the end. :) Carrie says it looks like a Marc Brown illustration.
Here is the whole gang.
Caulene, Jessica, Nate in front, Dana, Heather, Deven, Tanner in front, Danielle, Aaron.


wilybrunette said...

oh no! the poor cat! that's too funny. looks like it was such a blast!

Dawn said...

If only that was all they did to the cat. What came later was so much worse.

Carrie said...

It's Shelob...not Aragog....they don't look alike at all.