Friday, January 20, 2012

Yes, These are Halloween Pictures. In January. Judge Away!

Look what I found!  Enjoy!

Our Yellow JACKet
 Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty
 The Trunk or Treat

 I love this progression of pictures and couldn't pick a favorite. 

I love Jack's face and the fact that Jack and Sara both have their mouths full of candy.
Sara's face- classic!
 Emma and Jack have perfect smiles.
 I have to brag about Emma for a bit.  She has wanted to be Rapunzel for Halloween ever since the movie came out.  We told her that we would get her the dress at the Disney Store as soon as she earned it.  We had a little vase that we put beans in every time she helped us around the house. It was a big vase because it was kind of a big purchase. Helping without being asked got her more beans than being forced into child labor.  When we started, it filled up fast and she was excited, but it started taking longer than she had thought at first, and she got slower.  Her motivation just slipped even with constant reminders. 

When she finally had the cup full, it was a week before Halloween.  All Rapunzel dresses were gone.   She was heart broken, especially since Sara got the Cinderella dress she had wanted, since that dress wasn't as high demand this year.

We made a deal that if Emma went home and found a costume from her dress-up box, we would get her the Rapunzel dress she had earned as soon as we found one that fit her.  We were shocked when she dried her eyes and said in a teary voice, "That is a good idea.  Next time I will have to work faster and fill up my cup."

That might sound silly to you, but we were really impressed with how well she took such a let down and how quickly she understood that the fault was her own.  Sara was sweet as well, and let Emma borrow her long-coveted Sleeping Beauty costume that her aunts got for her birthday.  I just love these munchkins!
 Oh, and the black on Jack's nose was put there when he got upset that his sisters got make-up but he didn't.  We have to be fair.  Thanks for being the justice keeper around here Jack!

Trimming the Tree

The night we decided to trim the tree turned out to be a lot of fun as we ended up watching some children from our ward so their parents could go out on a fun date for my friend's birthday.  They were so cute and fun to have with us for the night, even if they were confused about why in the world we were decorating our tree so close after Halloween.
 I personally like the look of Christmas stuff  littered among all my fall decor.

 They all took turns sharing and were so fun to watch.  I love seeing children get excited about things like that.

I know it is weird to post these so late, but I just found them tucked in the wrong folder and realized I had never posted them.  It also makes it easier for me to put them in the photo book if it is here on the blog.  Plus- they are cute, even if they are a bit blurry (phone shots), and they are memories I wanted to remember. :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Christmas Themed Pictures from Ross's Phone

I don't know how we missed all of these.  Oh well.  More Christmas cuteness.  Enjoy.

 I love this shot.  It was at the Forgotten Carols.  Look at the lady behind us!  LOVE it!  Thanks for pointing her out, Judy!
 Gardner Village

 The Nativity at Grandma Wallace's house.  That darn sheet would not stay on Sara!

Now comment, please, or you will make a pregnant lady cry.  Do you really want that on your conscience?!

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Pillow Bed

The day finally came when Jack out-grew his Pack 'n Play.  He was climbing in and out of it like a pro and scaring me every time.  This meant it was time for him to upgrade to a big-boy bed.  Our plan was to give him Sara's twin mattress on the floor (so he couldn't fall out and hurt himself), and we were going to get Sara a new one.  Some things came up, and we didn't have Sara's replacement on the night we were expecting.  Ross had the brilliant idea to bring up all the couch cushions and fashion her a temporary sleeping space in between the beds.  (Sharing with Emma was not possible- that girl is a crazy sleeper and a blanket hog- JUST like her Daddy!)  Apparently, Emma liked the idea and joined her at some point during the night.

 I love these girls, and I am glad they are so happy sharing a room like this.  They are such good little buddies.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Making Christmas Ornaments: A New Tradition!

Just before I got put on bed rest, a friend from my Book Club called and invited me to an Ornament and Cookie Exchange party.  Apparently, Patti does this every year, and has everyone bring home made ornaments and cookies for everyone to swap.  

Being on bed-rest actually worked out in my favor since I could totally get my hot glue gun on right in bed, and I didn't have to feel guilty about crafting when the house was messy :)  we may or may not have had to change the sheets later due to a glitter invasion...  

I found a simple design I liked on Pinterest, got all the supplies I needed (Heather and Ross helped a lot with this), and then got them all put together while in bed.  I also did a pretty floral arrangement for my mantle, and got some work on my 2010 Family book done (I'm a slacker- I know!)

The stars were such a hit at the exchange (which was a relief as I was kind of nervous!), and it was hard for me to do a lot of baking with all the pain I had, so instead of our usual goodie plates for neighbors, we made ornaments again.  Emma got to help and loved it.  We liked it so much, that we are planning to do this as our neighbor gift every year now. We will find a fun home made ornament- always Christ centered- to make to share with others. That way when our friends and loved ones pull out our ornaments every year, they will remember us. 

Here are some pictures.

This is from the Exchange Party.  It was so fun, and I got to meet some new fun ladies in the area.  I love Patti so much!  She is like a mentor and resident grandma for a lot of us young mothers.  She has lived a fascinating life, and has a much broader and different perspective on things.  I love getting to spend time with her at Book Club each month, and I have received a lot of wisdom, and even more laughs from her! I am grateful that not only did she have an opening for her famous party this year, but that she chose to call me. 

 In the back: Linda Barrick, Micki Stuart
Second Row: Jami Christiansen, Angela Peterson, Melissa Hoyt, Emigh Lo, Patti Jiordano, Nikki Zimmerman, Sheri Jenkins
Front Row: Candy Franklin, Stephanie Jones, Kori Ulibarri, Little Buddy, and me ;)

This is the Scripture we cut out and attached to all the stars.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Random Pictures From Ross's Phone

 The kids found their Christmas wish list items.  They must not have been good enough...
 Sara does her own hair.  She is super fashionable.
 This is way from my Dad's birthday.  I like it.
 Emma at a post-op eye appointment.  The problem is soooo much better than it was!
 She and  Daddy went to this appointment together while I sat in the car and listened to Ink Spell on CD with the sleeping babies.