Saturday, January 14, 2012

Making Christmas Ornaments: A New Tradition!

Just before I got put on bed rest, a friend from my Book Club called and invited me to an Ornament and Cookie Exchange party.  Apparently, Patti does this every year, and has everyone bring home made ornaments and cookies for everyone to swap.  

Being on bed-rest actually worked out in my favor since I could totally get my hot glue gun on right in bed, and I didn't have to feel guilty about crafting when the house was messy :)  we may or may not have had to change the sheets later due to a glitter invasion...  

I found a simple design I liked on Pinterest, got all the supplies I needed (Heather and Ross helped a lot with this), and then got them all put together while in bed.  I also did a pretty floral arrangement for my mantle, and got some work on my 2010 Family book done (I'm a slacker- I know!)

The stars were such a hit at the exchange (which was a relief as I was kind of nervous!), and it was hard for me to do a lot of baking with all the pain I had, so instead of our usual goodie plates for neighbors, we made ornaments again.  Emma got to help and loved it.  We liked it so much, that we are planning to do this as our neighbor gift every year now. We will find a fun home made ornament- always Christ centered- to make to share with others. That way when our friends and loved ones pull out our ornaments every year, they will remember us. 

Here are some pictures.

This is from the Exchange Party.  It was so fun, and I got to meet some new fun ladies in the area.  I love Patti so much!  She is like a mentor and resident grandma for a lot of us young mothers.  She has lived a fascinating life, and has a much broader and different perspective on things.  I love getting to spend time with her at Book Club each month, and I have received a lot of wisdom, and even more laughs from her! I am grateful that not only did she have an opening for her famous party this year, but that she chose to call me. 

 In the back: Linda Barrick, Micki Stuart
Second Row: Jami Christiansen, Angela Peterson, Melissa Hoyt, Emigh Lo, Patti Jiordano, Nikki Zimmerman, Sheri Jenkins
Front Row: Candy Franklin, Stephanie Jones, Kori Ulibarri, Little Buddy, and me ;)

This is the Scripture we cut out and attached to all the stars.

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