Friday, January 20, 2012

Yes, These are Halloween Pictures. In January. Judge Away!

Look what I found!  Enjoy!

Our Yellow JACKet
 Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty
 The Trunk or Treat

 I love this progression of pictures and couldn't pick a favorite. 

I love Jack's face and the fact that Jack and Sara both have their mouths full of candy.
Sara's face- classic!
 Emma and Jack have perfect smiles.
 I have to brag about Emma for a bit.  She has wanted to be Rapunzel for Halloween ever since the movie came out.  We told her that we would get her the dress at the Disney Store as soon as she earned it.  We had a little vase that we put beans in every time she helped us around the house. It was a big vase because it was kind of a big purchase. Helping without being asked got her more beans than being forced into child labor.  When we started, it filled up fast and she was excited, but it started taking longer than she had thought at first, and she got slower.  Her motivation just slipped even with constant reminders. 

When she finally had the cup full, it was a week before Halloween.  All Rapunzel dresses were gone.   She was heart broken, especially since Sara got the Cinderella dress she had wanted, since that dress wasn't as high demand this year.

We made a deal that if Emma went home and found a costume from her dress-up box, we would get her the Rapunzel dress she had earned as soon as we found one that fit her.  We were shocked when she dried her eyes and said in a teary voice, "That is a good idea.  Next time I will have to work faster and fill up my cup."

That might sound silly to you, but we were really impressed with how well she took such a let down and how quickly she understood that the fault was her own.  Sara was sweet as well, and let Emma borrow her long-coveted Sleeping Beauty costume that her aunts got for her birthday.  I just love these munchkins!
 Oh, and the black on Jack's nose was put there when he got upset that his sisters got make-up but he didn't.  We have to be fair.  Thanks for being the justice keeper around here Jack!


Dawn said...

It's not silly and VERY impressive. I love that little girl - she is growing up so fast!

Mindy said...

I think that is very impressive! I love it when children learn and grow like that.

Southern Spud said...

I'M IMPRESSED!!! I think H would still be crying about it now!!! (Okay, so maybe not into Feb, but ya know. . . .) ;) Nice job, Emma!