Friday, August 17, 2007

Family Pictures at BYU

One of our favorite things to do on Sunday evenings is to go over the the waterfall at BYU and feed the ducks our stale bread

We can even get some of them to eat from our hands- this makes Emma kind of nervous, but its fun.

Emma and Daddy are watching one of our duck friends fly away.

I love these pictures of Daddy and Daughter by the water. Emma is definitely a daddy's girl through and through.

Emma is ready to go- all the ducks are gone now.

Soldier Creek Part 3

My Aunt Eve made really cute beaded socks for all of the little girls. Emma loved the sound that the beads made!

My cousin Jessica made her dad a pretty little wreath of flowers for him to wear. Allen wore the wreath for so long, that he forgot it was there, and went all the way down to the boat docks with it. He couldn't figure out why all the guys down there were giving him such funny looks until he came back to camp and was complimented on it.

My Uncle Jay is obsessed with his new I-Pod and the new shirt he got along with it. The three of them are practically inseperable.
Emma found a new love at camp- marshmallows!!

My Grandpa has this fancy little contraption he made to shoot off paper rockets with air. This was the one Emma and I made together. Unfortunately, it never got any air time- only mouth time.

This is the very first time that I have had Jiffy Pop fail me. The fire was too low in the pit for it to get hot enough. It was very disappointing.

Soldier Creek Part 2

If Dana was anywhere in sight, that was where Emma wanted to be. If Dana wasn't there then Allen and Carrie's dog was the next best thing.

But when she got both Dana and the dog- then life was really good!

Poor Ross is really trying to start the day with a good attitude after a very rough night in the tent with Emma. The fake smile is almost convincing- but not quite.
Emma made a game of getting in the tent with her shoes on- a big 'no no'. She really enjoyed being chased out.

But she always got them off so she could come in again.
After much pleading, we got Uncle Allen to sing his famous Fred the Moose song for us.

This is my cousin Aaron enjoying a roasted star burst. I know it sounds weird- but it is really quite good.
My Grandpa Wallace finally agreed to tell his famous "Millicrab" story. (Millicrabs are the creatures that are made when marshmallows are dropped in the fire- that is why they get so big!)

Our Camping Trip to Soldier Creek

This is my cousin Tanner. After charring one of his marshmallows on accident, he took my dare to eat it. He was very pleased with how disgusted I was by it.
That smile on Ross's face is one of triumph. It took all day to get that little bugger to sleep.
This is our sunburned and VERY tired little girl who REFUSED to take a nap all day!

We both bought new shoes right before we went camping- aren't they cute? (Mine are on the right.)
One of Emma's prime sources of entertainment on this camp out was to periodically move her chair around.
This is a little ball of energy and noise cleverly disguised as a little boy named Nathan. He took a break from his perpetual movement to re-charge his batteries with an ice cream sandwhich. This is a little ball of energy and noise cleverly disguised as a little boy named Nathan. He took a break from his perpetual movement to re-charge his batteries with an ice cream sandwhich.

Grandma Jones finally helped Emma get some water for her cup.

Before that she was trying as hard as she could to discover the mystery of the big orange water jug.

It was Grandma Jones's 67th birthday while we were at camp (let's see if she ever checks this blog at all and decides to correct me). Heather and Caulene made sure that she enjoyed it in style.
This is my Uncle Jay giving me the best 'Take-the-Picture-and-Die' look he could muster up- it was obviously not as effective as he would have liked.

My cousin Genavive showing off her lovely hat- she designed it herself.
My sister Caulene is showing her enthusiasm for being awake at 7:30 in the morning on her vacation.