Friday, August 17, 2007

Soldier Creek Part 3

My Aunt Eve made really cute beaded socks for all of the little girls. Emma loved the sound that the beads made!

My cousin Jessica made her dad a pretty little wreath of flowers for him to wear. Allen wore the wreath for so long, that he forgot it was there, and went all the way down to the boat docks with it. He couldn't figure out why all the guys down there were giving him such funny looks until he came back to camp and was complimented on it.

My Uncle Jay is obsessed with his new I-Pod and the new shirt he got along with it. The three of them are practically inseperable.
Emma found a new love at camp- marshmallows!!

My Grandpa has this fancy little contraption he made to shoot off paper rockets with air. This was the one Emma and I made together. Unfortunately, it never got any air time- only mouth time.

This is the very first time that I have had Jiffy Pop fail me. The fire was too low in the pit for it to get hot enough. It was very disappointing.

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