Monday, August 13, 2007

I am a Genius (or rather I am an Expert- same thing right?)

I have been a part of a Mother's panel/blog thing for the past few months. It is basically a place for a bunch of bored moms to go and give each other advice on questions and to talk about how much we love/hate our roles and children at the moment. Well, this last week I put up a response to a question regarding tutoring children. Someone was asking for the best place to send a child struggling with reading, and I put up a post stating: If my kids need help in school- I want to be the one to help them. There is no reason to pay for someone else to teach them, when helping them can be a bonding experience that will help both of us become stronger and smarter. I want to be able to stay abreast of whatever they are studying as long as I can- even if that means I have to do some studying of my own while they are in school.

Well the head honchos of the website really liked that comment, so they sent me a $25 gift certificate to Amazon, and have made me one of their Expert Moms regarding education and academics.

What is my point you ask? Well- just that since I have now shared this insight with all of you, I feel that you should pay the dues of being so closely linked with an Expert Mom of my caliber. I accept cash, checks, gift certificates, confectionary items, free meals, free babysitting, (pretty much free anything) and long letters or comments full of glowing praise.

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