Tuesday, July 31, 2007


So I have been noticing on some of my friend's blogs (OK- mainly Jessica's) that there is this new fad going around- and it looks like something that I would really like to get in to- but I have no idea how to get going in it. Does anyone out there who reads my blog (which is pretty much nobody by the looks of my comments) have any hints or suggestions on digital scrapbooking. Ross has always wanted me to get into scrapbooking, because we have so many pictures that are displayed nicely in a box. A big box. I, however, have always kept far away from the whole scrapbooking frenzy because I have no original creative thoughts, and because I HATE the messes that come from paper and glue and all the other crap that goes into those super cute pages that I have no patience for (to make- not to look at). Anyway- after looking at all of Jessica's way cute pages on her digital scrapbooking album thing (which is super cute!) it occurred to me that she was able to do all of those pages without ever making a paper mess. It also seems that there would be something in the program like an undo button- I want that! Also- all my pictures would be on teh computer, so if I decide I want to change the size or the color options, or anything of that nature- I can! This pretty much sounds fantastic- except for one thing. I don't know where to go or how to get started. Is there a site you do it on, or do I have to download a program, or am I too dumb to attempt something like this?

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Jessica Bills said...

Hey Amanda! Sorry that it took me so long to get back to you...I just knew that if I wrote you I would want to tell you I was pregnant and I wanted to keep it quiet a bit longer. I am so excited that you are pregnant again. When do you find out what you are having? Tomorrow I have my first ultrasound! I can't wait.

Anyway...about digital scrapbooking...I LOVE IT! My sister and SIL both are really big into it, so I feel very inferior to them, but it is still fun. Here is a link to my sister's blog that she wrote for people that wanted to start up didgital scrapbooking: http://natalieputnam.blogspot.com/2007/05/digital-scrapbooking.html
I use a program called gimp. It is a free open source program that is a lot like Adobe Photoshop, but hopefully this month I will be getting Photoshop...that is if Jason has gotten all my hints on what I want for my birthday. I love using GIMP, but you just can't do everything with it and now I feel like I am becoming limited on what I can do because I am getting more experimental with my pages. So, that is the only downfall of GIMP. Jason told me though that soo there is going to be an upgrade and a lot of those limitations are going to be gone. Anyway, GIMP is free to download. I would just google it to find it.

I hope that you do get into it because it is REALLY fun!

Love you tons!