Friday, July 13, 2007

Ross Broke the Baby!

Emma had kind of a rough day on Tuesday thanks to her two horrible parents!! We were all enjoying Ross's day off on Tuesday by window shopping in the mall. We were playing the famous one, two, three, wheeeee game that little kids love so much, when Emma just started screaming. I figured she was just tired and teething. She had been cutting a new tooth for the last few days and she had not had a nap that day. So we went over to Orange Julius, and I shared some nice cool smoothie with her hoping that would calm her down. It did- kind of. While she was sitting in my lap she was fine, but any time I tried to move around she would scream again- and let me tell you, that girl has some lungs on her! She cried all the way out to the car, and it only got worse when we put her in her car seat. She finally fell asleep on the way home- much to our relief- but she started screaming all over again when we pulled her out. We got her back asleep on the couch- but it was not a very restful sleep. Anytime she moved at all she would wimper.

When she woke up an hour later, Ross so observantly noticed that she was not using her left arm. He said that he remembered feeling a little pop when we were playing the swing game, and he wondered if he had pulled something. I tried to look at her shoulders- but neither of them looked swollen at all- but anytime I moved her left arm she would scream all over again. We called our pediatrician's office and asked a nurse what might have happened and what we could do. She said that it is very common for elbows to get pulled out that way- they have even nick-named it airplane arm, because it usually happens when swinging kids around in a circle by their arms. Just as she said that I looked at her elbow and it was all red and swollen. She said to put some ice on it and run on over. They were wonderful- especially since it was 8:00 at night. When we walked in they knew just who we were and they let us right back. Within in ten mintues they had popped it back into place, and the relief for her was instant!

The rest of the night Ross kept apologizing (because he was the one on the left side) and he was afraid to pick her up. Luckily, Emma did not hold a grudge, and was very sweet and cuddly for the rest of the day. We felt so bad that we had made her suffer for so long, especially since it was so easy for them to fix it for her. Anyway- we are bad parents, and we are very lucky that Emma still loves us even though we break her and make her suffer.

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James and Monica said...

OH MY GOSH!! I'm not terrified of James doing that to our kids!!!