Friday, July 06, 2007

My New Nameless Nephew!

Congratulations to Jim and Melissa!! Ross's sister just had a baby boy yesterday morning. I haven't had many details because they all came second hand from a conversation Ross had with Melissa, and boys really don't pay too close attention to stuff like that. All he could say was, "It was a boy and he is alive and they haven't named him yet." Anyway, I hope all is well over in the Russell household while mom is away. I hope you don't stay too bored Melissa- Ross told me to post more stuff so that you had something to do. We love you and are excited to meet the new little addition when Joe goes through the temple.

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Jim and Melis said...

Thanks Guys! We got home from the hospital today and are doing great! His name is Max William Russell, 9lbs 7 oz 21 inches long. Looks A LOT like Sam did when he was born. No boredom over here with 4 kids running around all day :) Love ya!