Friday, September 25, 2009

It Really is the Little Things

Tonight I was feeling a little lathargic and worn out, so after dinner I asked Ross to help me with a chore. There were two things that I needed to get done before we could snuggle in front of a movie with some hot cocoa (we just got some new Stephens flavors tonight!) and generic Jelly Bellys.

I told Ross that he could do one of two things to help me: unload and load the dishwasher, or put the clean sheets from the dryer on the bed and switch the load in the washer to the dryer.

He chose the dishes.

After practicing my weekly hymn on the piano a few times (Silent Night- don't judge!), I ran upstairs to find that my sweet husband had already switched the laundry and made our bed with the clean sheets. He had done this while I was busy making dinner.

I know this seems silly, but I cried. I was so grateful! Neither of those tasks were incredibly hard, but I was incredibly relieved to not have to do either of them tonight. Ross saw that I was a little weak tonight, and he did my least favorite chores without even being asked to. It would have been so easy for him to choose making the bed since it had already been done, but he willingly took on both tasks for me.

I love him so much! It really is the little things that matter. 'And the Lord God doth work by small and simple means to bring about his great and eternal purposes; and by very small means the Lord doth . . . bring about the salvation of many souls' (Alma 37:7). I am certain this applies to great marriages as well. I am glad Ross knows this secret, and I hope I can follow his example.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Toddler Logic That is Hard to Combat

I am a logical person. I am. I think in a very organized and logical way and have a way of explaining myself that tends to make sense to others. This has been a boon to me in my life on more than one occasion, and is a big part of my initial desire to try the whole teaching occupation. It helps me teach, lead, write, explain, vent, forgive, and mother. I am a logical person, and I use this logic to raise and teach my children. When Emma and Sara go amiss, I gently correct them and explain why the correction is needed. This has worked well for us, the gentility and the explanations, that is.

That is, it did, until this past week or so when I started encountering what I like to call Toddler Logic. I think the worst part is that a lot of it is starting to make sense to me. Here are some recent examples of what I mean.

Mom: Did you wash your hands?
Emma: No.
Mom: Well, hurry and wash them so we can go.
Emma: I don't need to wash my hands because I didn't wipe.

Mom: Emma, don't eat in the tub!
Emma: I have to!
Mom: Why?
Emma: Because then I can clean up my mess.

Mom: Emma, that was naughty! You sit on your bed right now!
Emma: No, I can't.
Mom: Why not?
Emma: Because Jesus loves me.

Emma: I am sleeping in Sara's bed tonight?
Mom: Oh, why is that?
Emma: Cause I made my bed today.

Emma: Mommy, this is really yummy chicken. It is very yummy and I need some ice cream now.

Mom: Emma, can you get a diaper for your sister please?
Emma: I can't.
Mom: Why not?
Emma: Because all Sara's diapers are clean and she will get them messy.

Mom: Emma, don't do that, the kitty is crying!
Emma: No, he is just laughing but sometimes when he laughs it sounds like crying.

Mom: Sit on your bum please.
Emma: Oh, how about I sit on the chair?

Emma: Mom, can you buckle my sippy cup so it can stay safe like me. (in the car)

Mom: Are you going to be a good girl today?
Emma: I am going to be your Emma girl today.

Emma: Daddy, come here.
Mom: I am not Daddy. I'm Mommy.
Emma: You called me Sara, so I call you Daddy.

See- some of those actually make sense, don't they!? How can a logical person argue with that? I am stumped!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family Pictures, Ala Nathan Gross

I have talented friends. I like that! Sometimes my talented friends like to use their talents in my behalf. Other times, their wives bribe them into using their talents in my behalf. Occasionally this ends up providing me with some fantastic family pictures.

Take a look at Nate's website. He basically rocks. He has some AWESOME lightning shots right now, and his wedding pictures are gorgeous. Seriously. Hire him!

I happen to love that none of these family portraits turned out with all of us looking at the camera and smiling. We tried. We really did. I really love it though. We just aren't the point and smile in unison kind of unit. This is my family, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I want this one over our fireplace. Ross won't let me. He is lame.
There is another version of this that has Sara cropped all by herself. It will be framed and matted. I wish stupid blogger would upload it.
This one will be printed for sure! I love it!

I know she isn't smiling, but how beautiful is this girl!? This will be printed and framed as well.

There were a lot more, but blogger is being lame. I love them though. Thank you, Nate and Carrie for doing this for us. We love them! Not bad for a 20 minute session! :)
Also, Grandparents, if you are interested, I can send you a cd with these on it. Let me know.

The Pirates of Bridal Veil Falls

To celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day, Ross and I took the girls on a little hike up to Nunn's Park and Bridal Veil Falls.

Ross helped the girls get a closer look at the water :)

After our first trip to the Falls, we got out the grill and Ross cooked some Bratwurst for us. We forgot to pack a fork, so he used a mostly clean stick to turn the sausages. (Dear Brittany, I thought of you with every 'That's what he/she said joke used while Ross used a stick to cook sausages!)

After lunch, we hiked back to the Falls and let the girls cool off in the water before we left.
After this we went to Macey's to share an ice cream cone, and then we went to play at Nate and Carrie's house where we had awesome enchiladas, had some good conversation, and watched Muppet's Treasure Island. Nate even got me to watch the first part of Goonies. That's right, he almost made me lose my Goonie viriginity! Not quite though- the girls got restless so we left about half-way through. I have to say, though- I didn't hate what I watched. I was certain it would be stupid, and it was, but in a mostly good and silly way. Those kids had nasty language though- that bothered me.
All-in-all, it was a good day to be called a wench by my husband :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How We Do Movies

Discount tickets, smuggled food, loud laughing at mostly inappropriate places, flash pictures during the previews- basically, we ROCK. You will notice, however, that cell phones have no place on that list. Throwing popcorn at people who do use them may sometimes be part of the regimen. It depends on how good the movie is.

We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo. . .

My friend Carrie, and her husband Nate have a yearly tradition of going to the zoo with their friends. We decided to go to the zoo that day and see if we ran into them. We didn't want to disrupt their whole group with our kids, but we did hope to see them. We didn't. It was sad. We did, however, have one of the best days at the zoo EVER. The animals were all awesome and seemed to be catering just to us. We would walk up to an exhibit that looked empty, and then all of the sudden, the animals would come out of their hiding places and start playing or eating or whatever. It was uncanny. I loved it.

Also, there were so many babies! We saw baby tigers, a baby giraffe, baby monkeys, a baby leopard, baby penguins, and baby meercats. Very cool! I love me some baby animals! Here is a little, or I suppose pretty large, sampling of the many pictures I took.

I'm not sure what she is looking at, but I thought it was cute. They re-did the bird part of the reptile house. It was really pretty, and I didn't get pooped on!

There was a sloth too. I have never seen a sloth.
Baby meer cats.
Bear looking at the bears. There were two of these black bears. They were hiding in their little cave until we walked by, and then they all of the sudden ran out and started playing with each other. Sara has good zoo mojo!
We went to the bird show. I LOVE the bird show. I like Ross too. . .
We tried to get a family portrait while we waited for the bird show to start.

We failed. . .
There may have been a midget couple there, and I may have taken a picture of them when they sat in front of us at the bird show, and Ross and I may have laughed about them being at the zoo all day. We may be going to Hell.
That hawk flew right by my face. Awesome. I love this bird show!
Owls are my favorite ever.
I didn't get a picture of it, but one of my favorite parts of the day was when we saw the kangaroo, wallaby, tortoise, black swan area. The kangaroo was punching the big tortoise to make him go back in his shell. Very funny.
Baby monkeys!
True story: I used to be TERRIFIED of the drinking fountain when I was little. My dad told me it was made out of a real lion that they turned into a fountain after he ate a kid. I believed him. I am no longer that gullible. . .
Baby giraffe! I thought about you, Sophia!
Baby Bear, all tuckered out.
We didn't even bother with the train or the kids area. We left when we were just tired enough to be happy with our day, but not cross over to grumpyness. We had a very fulfilling day, and were very happy to be able to share this with our girls. I love the zoo!

Labor Day in St. George

We spent our Labor Day weekend with my grandparents in St. George. We hadn't been there for a couple of years, and it was nice to see them. We did not know that my Grandpa washaving surgery just hours before we came, though. If we had known, we would have made plans for another weekend so Grandpa could get all the rest he needed.

The girls loved them. They were so enamored with them almost instantly. Grandma had fun toys and yummy treats, and Grandpa knew where the lizards hung out, and was a prize winning puzzle putter-together.

We were so grateful that they were willing to let us be with them for a few days. We love you guys!

Here are some of the pictures I took. I didn't take enough- I never do. :(

On a lizard hunt in the back yard. Playing with the doll.

Emma's version of a carseat.
Ross and I took the girls to go see the St. George Tabernacle. We got there just in time to catch the last bit of an organ recital, and we got an almost personal tour just with our family.
I especially liked the specially marked fatty chairs.
Every prophet since Brigham Young has spoken from this pulpit. They let Emma say an Article of Faith in the microphone.
Later in the day, Grandma took us to the splash pad. Emma LOVED it, and Sara kind of liked it once she got the hang of it. Emma figured out she could draw on the rocks with the water.

Later that night, they treated us to Brick Oven Pizza. So good! We left after Sacrament meeting the next day because the girls were both getting some runny noses, and Sara did not sleep very well either night we were there. I think the heat got to Sara a little bit. I KNOW it got to me. I don't do well in heat. I will not live in Arizona! We will have to go visit again when it gets colder here.