Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ross is Old

. . . but we love him anyway. Ross's work friends did me a giant favor by getting Ross a huge Costco cake for his birthday. Not only did I not have to make or purchase a cake, but there was just enough of the giant cake left over for us to enjoy it for a few days without having to stuff our faces for weeks or wasting large portions of it.

Sadly, this cake did not make up for the fact that they unjustly fired Ross's best friend from work the day before. He is still upset about it. We pray for Dave and his family every day and hope they are doing well.

Anyway, so Ross turned 28. He is old. We were light on the presents this year by choice. We are still looking for a new computer, and that ate up whatever budget we had for birthday presents. I made him a lovely dinner, and we had a fun night of tickle torture, balloon fights, movies, and massages.

Your girls all love you, Ross. I hope next year we can celebrate with a bigger bang than this year. The box didn't have enough candles. That how old he is! We had to be creative. . .
He ran out of breath half way through- that is how old he is! Emma was happy to lend a lung or 2.
Yay Daddy and Emma!

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Michelle and Dan said...

Dan is turning old too this month. Sept 23rd and he's 28 too.

I had no idea Ross was that much older then you. I really thought that he was just about a year older then us.

Happy Birthday Ross and Happy Anniversary to some of my favorite people!