Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo. . .

My friend Carrie, and her husband Nate have a yearly tradition of going to the zoo with their friends. We decided to go to the zoo that day and see if we ran into them. We didn't want to disrupt their whole group with our kids, but we did hope to see them. We didn't. It was sad. We did, however, have one of the best days at the zoo EVER. The animals were all awesome and seemed to be catering just to us. We would walk up to an exhibit that looked empty, and then all of the sudden, the animals would come out of their hiding places and start playing or eating or whatever. It was uncanny. I loved it.

Also, there were so many babies! We saw baby tigers, a baby giraffe, baby monkeys, a baby leopard, baby penguins, and baby meercats. Very cool! I love me some baby animals! Here is a little, or I suppose pretty large, sampling of the many pictures I took.

I'm not sure what she is looking at, but I thought it was cute. They re-did the bird part of the reptile house. It was really pretty, and I didn't get pooped on!

There was a sloth too. I have never seen a sloth.
Baby meer cats.
Bear looking at the bears. There were two of these black bears. They were hiding in their little cave until we walked by, and then they all of the sudden ran out and started playing with each other. Sara has good zoo mojo!
We went to the bird show. I LOVE the bird show. I like Ross too. . .
We tried to get a family portrait while we waited for the bird show to start.

We failed. . .
There may have been a midget couple there, and I may have taken a picture of them when they sat in front of us at the bird show, and Ross and I may have laughed about them being at the zoo all day. We may be going to Hell.
That hawk flew right by my face. Awesome. I love this bird show!
Owls are my favorite ever.
I didn't get a picture of it, but one of my favorite parts of the day was when we saw the kangaroo, wallaby, tortoise, black swan area. The kangaroo was punching the big tortoise to make him go back in his shell. Very funny.
Baby monkeys!
True story: I used to be TERRIFIED of the drinking fountain when I was little. My dad told me it was made out of a real lion that they turned into a fountain after he ate a kid. I believed him. I am no longer that gullible. . .
Baby giraffe! I thought about you, Sophia!
Baby Bear, all tuckered out.
We didn't even bother with the train or the kids area. We left when we were just tired enough to be happy with our day, but not cross over to grumpyness. We had a very fulfilling day, and were very happy to be able to share this with our girls. I love the zoo!

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