Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pool Party

A couple of weeks ago Ross and I left the kids at Grandma Jones's house so we could head to lovely Bountiful and see two very dear people be sealed. It was beautiful. When we came back, we found that our children had no excitement in seeing us and even less desire to leave the haven they had found in this blasted heat.

My mom took some pictures, and then Heather posted them on facebook, and then I stole them. Enjoy. I took advantage of the coolish water as well.

We ordered some pizza partly to thank my parents and sisters for helping with the kids, and partly because I wanted some. Yay for spontaneous pool and pizza picnic parties!
Emma decided to give everyone foot rubs. Except for me. I am too ticklish.

"Mom, Dad- pretend you like each other."
She really asked everyone if she could please rub their feet. She was pretty good too, according to Heather and Dana.

Handsome boy!

This is Sara's new Smile-On-Demand-Face. I loves it. Simple minds, simple pleasures, I guess. This was a happy day that I wanted to remember. Thanks for the pictures, Mom.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jack's First Haircut


I think he looks much older now, and there is a lot more red coming through. He is just so handsome!

One morning I was cutting Ross's hair and decided that since I was already covered in hair and had the clippers out, it was time for Jack to discontinue his Nazarene ways. I thought he would fight against losing his Sampson do, but he LOVED it! He giggled whenever the clippers were on his head. I think it tickled. My main problem was getting him to stop turning his head to try and see the clippers. He did great, and I think he looks great.

I probably shouldn't have waited so long to meet this milestone for him, but it hurts my heart a little to see how fast he is growing up.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Stolen Camp Pictures

My mom finally posted her camp pictures on facebook.

Correction- HEATHER finally posted my mom's camp pictures on facebook. I stole some of my favorites. That's just how I roll. Pretend you care... :)

Grandma Wallace. Beautiful inside and out. Just how I want to be. Allen's Scout stick game.

Emma got in on it this year. Look at how hard she is concentrating! Love it!

This years squirrel trap.

As you can see, it worked. Jessica got bit. She only had rabies for a little bit and is recovering well.

Jack and me feeding peanuts to the squirrels. When we quit and I started reading my book, one came right over by my feet, yelled at me to give him more, and then NIBBLED MY TOE when I refused him.

Dana and Sara

I have no idea what is happening here, but I love it. So pensive and pretty. Love this girl!

Emma is very serious about her coloring.
Handsome Boy!

Thanks for sharing, Mom. I love these shots. And you. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Boys

Sometimes pictures like this make me all teary. There is no reason really, for that kind of reaction, but it's true.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Jenna Kim Jones

I won something! I periodically enter all the giveaways on some of the blogs that I follow, but I have yet to win anything from them- UNTIL NOW! There was a joke contest on Mormon in Manhattan, and the prize was two tickets to a comedy show in Salt Lake. Having it centered in Salt Lake made for a smaller pool of contestants, and I am sure that is the only reason I won.

My joke was, "What do you call a dog with no legs? It doesn't matter- it won't come to you." Silly, but it makes me laugh.

Anyway, the Saturday after our camping trip, we spent the day doing post-camping laundry- best day ever :( Then in the evening, we dropped out kidlets off at Grandma's house and headed to Trolley Square to go to the Wise Guys Comedy Club and Pound Cakes Grill to see Jenna Kim Jones perform.

She is a writer for the Daily Show With Jon Stewart and lives in New York, but she is from Utah. Wise Guys is known for only hosting clean comedy routines meaning no awfully crude jokes and bad language, which was nice because we LOVE comedy shows but tend to stay away from the live ones because of the lack of censorship. No worries here.

She was HILARIOUS! We laughed the entire time. We also had the BEST burger and fries of my LIFE from the grill. Maybe it was just because I was starving, but it was amazing and only $7.

It was so much fun! Very different from our normal date-nights.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wallace Camp-Out 2011

This year's sojourn to Soldier Hollow was tempered with some nasty weather. It rained. A lot. In all honesty, I liked it. I love the sound of rain on a tent, especially when I am warm within it, with a sleeping baby, and warm husband, and a good book. It did cut into a lot of the visiting time, and it necessitated us leaving a night early. All the rain caused our cheapie tent (purchased at Target for $35 with our wedding gift cards) to start leaking, and the humid and damp tent was not something we wanted to endure another night with our teething baby who didn't like sleeping at night.

That's not to say we didn't have fun, however, because we did. A lot of it. This is one of the highlights of our summer. Here are some pictures- a lot similar to the ones from last year, only this time while my kids are older, I am actually skinnier instead of chubbier than last year. Woot.

I stole these from my aunt Carrie. S'More time! Grandpa and Grandma Wallace

Hula Hoop!

I made Ross wait to leave so I could finish up my book. It was good.
Jay and Lara sent their 4 oldest kids to camp with us. It was soooo good to see them. I have missed their little faces since they moved to stupid South Dakota.
This is pretty much how I always picture my Grandma. Smiling and laughing and busy, busy, busy. I love her. Grandpa's rocket launcher. Emma made her own Princess rocket this year.

Grandma brought the princess tent, which the kids got to enjoy for like ten seconds of the week.

Corbyn, Madison and Annika had fun playing catch with Jack. They were such good little baby-sitters for me. I think they were missing their little brothers.

We had grapes with lunch one day, and Emma seemed to REALLY enjoy them. She is such a funny little diva!

Sara kept her coat on for a full day no matter how cold it got because she was afraid it would start raining again.

Dana made a fun boondoggle head band.

Jenna and Heather
Aaron tried to melt down a metal washer. He got it bright red, but that was about it.

Tanner makes me laugh.

The kids had fun feeding the squirrels peanuts. Those squirrels are not at all human shy.

The rain let up long enough for a quick trip to the docks to catch crawdads. Jack found this particularly fascinating. He is SUCH a BOY.

Sara was not a fan.

She is still very pretty, though.

See! He LOVED them.

This one enjoyed it as well. She even snared one herself with Dana's help.
We always follow all the safety laws while camping.... (Notice that Ross has the seatbelt around him, but NOT around the infant.)

Ross is hot when he is stoic.

Jack is cute when he is filthy.
Hmm, this one is out of order. Grandpa let Emma pump the air for her rocket this year, and she was THRILLED!

Another fun year with the Wallace clan. I love this family.