Saturday, July 09, 2011

Ward Garden Panic

Ross and I have been spending a great deal of time weeding at the ward garden due to a new calling. It is about a mile from our house, so I like to run over while Ross gets the kids ready and drives over. While there we work and weed half the garden at a time while the other half gets watered. The kids have had a lot of fun helping us weed and playing in the big hill by the stake center.

One day, while weeding in the corn, I was about to pull a large weed when I noticed a bright green spotted pseudo-reptile coiled around the stem of the offending vegetation. I thought it was a snake and as any level headed mother would do, screamed and jumped and shed a few tears about the near death experience and the danger posed to my tender children.

On closer examination by Ross, we learned it was a catepillar.

A big one though- with a horn and large talons and fangs!!

Well, the horn is true at least . . .

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