Sunday, July 03, 2011

Backyard Campout

Sometimes we feel bad about never taking our kids to do anything exciting, so we pretend that camping in our backyard is super exciting. It was a fun idea of Ross's that the girls LOVED! We roasted mallows on the fire pit and then slept in the tent in our backyard. Simple, cheap, but oh so very fun! Here are some pictures. Tell me how cute they are.

I can always use S'More of this! ;) Here is Ross teaching Jack to be a real man with all the proper grunting, scratching and fire making.

I was the designated mallow roaster because I am awesome at it. Seriously. It's on my resume.

Smiles all around.

Some of them are even genuine... :)
My boys.

That right there is a prime hotbed of roasting coals! Ross done good!


After a S'more, Emma decided she wanted something healthy in her tummy (yes, she did decide that ON HER OWN!!) and Sara thought that was a brilliant idea.

I wanted to record this independant good eating choice for posterity and asked them to smile with their apples for me. This sequence shows what that instruction means to my girls.

Everyone slept really well in the tent for most of the night. Jack and I ended up in the house around 2:00, but Ross and the kids stayed out there until past 8:00.

This was such a fun night. We plan to do it again soon because it was such a great way to make something special without breaking the bank. Good idea, Ross. You are so smart, it's hot!

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