Wednesday, July 06, 2011

4th of July Water Party

The day before Independence Day, Ross and I were talking about what we wanted to do for the grand holiday. We had a prior engagement at 9:00 that night, but nothing before then, so we started a list of tasks such as shopping, mowing the lawn, weeding the ward garden, vaccuuming the house, and other such non-celebratory events. I was feeling less than thrilled about this errand filled holiday when Ross made the brilliant suggestion of getting out our water slide and inviting friends.

I spread the word at ward choir and then again on facebook, and we had some of our friends from the ward come and spend the afternoon with us. It was lots of fun, and I am so glad Ross had that idea, and even more glad that there were other people like us with no plans for the 4th until the evening.

Here are some pictures. I didn't take very many because of the whole water danger thing...

The boy right there is our next door neighbor and Emma's boyfriend by her own admission. He is such a funny child and we just love him. Every time he went down the slide, he would strike a pose at the end for his mom. So cute! We got the Elders Quorum President down the slide a few times, and he only almost lost his shorts twice... :)

Our neightbor went down in pants and a hat. No need for swimming gear!

He had some flair at the end as well. I can see where his son got it!
The first Counselor in our bishopric went down to show his boy he didn't have to be scared. Then he went about 5 more times. I think it stopped being about his kids pretty quick! I love this ward!!

Ross had to show his mettle as well.

This was one of my Sunbeam friends. I was so happy to see her and her mother.

My Emma. She always turned away at the end to keep the water out of her face.

It was so much fun. I love this neighborhood and this ward. I never want to move even if (or maybe because) we are out in the middle of nowhere. There is such a warm and safe feeling out here. So much love, and so many righteous examples for me and my kids. We are blessed. Happy Fourth of July!

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Carrie said...

That's quite the waterslide you have there...I want one!