Saturday, July 16, 2011

4th of July Re-Cap

I know- these are late. Whatever. I posted about the Ward 4k and the Stadium of Fire which all happened on July 2nd.

On Sunday the 3rd, Ross and I got ready to go to church when our neighbor started banging on our door and told us his basement was flooded because of OUR sprinkler pipe bursting AGAIN. Sure enough, our basement was flooded. 4 inches of water. I refuse to write any more about that day, because it was pretty much the worst and it makes me want to cry still. Suffice it to say that our neighbors were not thrilled with us (which I understand, but for reals- this wasn't totally our fault...), we are out a nice big chunk of money for ours and their home insurance deductibles, and we live in the best ward on the planet. We got a lot of help including a dinner from our home teacher, and we could not be more grateful for all the helping hands that tended to our needs that day DURING church. One of the bishop-ric members wandered over after Sacrament meeting because he noticed a bunch of families at church without their very active fathers. He knew something was up, and headed out to see what. I love it here! I hate our stupid water valve that is irregular and bursts pipes, but I love the people here. We have to turn our sprinklers on and off manually now to ensure that no damage like this ever occurs again. Lame. Could be worse, I guess. No- Could be worse, I KNOW!! We are blessed.

I also posted about the spontaneous water party we had at our house in the afternoon of the fourth. I will now finish up with the 4th of July activities so I can move on with my life and get to the camping pictures that have been demanded by 3 people.

So- after everyone left the water party and we got things cleaned up, we headed over to the ward garden to do some watering and weeding. After that, we went home, got cleaned up, and headed to my mom's house for the annual fireworks show. This year it featured the love story of Little Froggie. So touching.

This is the first year Aerial fireworks have been legal for consumer purchase, and Heavens Above did Utah consumers take advantage of that new freedom! As we were driving down, we saw a constant show of glittery, fiery, shiny, and FLAMMABLE fireworks. I loved it!

When we got to my mom's house, the storm that had been threatening all day broke loose, so we ran across the street to take shelter in Danielle's car-port so only the Jones Firework Technicians would suffer from the elements. It was a fun night, just like all the others we have shared with this little group. It was complete with super yummy treats and wonderful chatting. Here are some pictures that aren't that great, but give me something to remember the night by. Jack promptly fell asleep as the last firework finished.
Emma was thrilled to get her OWN can of soda. That NEVER happens. Best day EVER!

Best aunts ever, as well.

Sara was very generous with her brownie portions, so I was worried this here would never happen. Daddy has the magic touch, I suppose. Super Kassidy! Stop being so cute. I worries me.

Fun night. I loved it. Although I could do without the rain when we get together on the 24th...

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