Monday, July 04, 2011

Stadium of Fire 2011

Last week I went to a glitter toe party with my girls. While there, some of the women started talking about the discount Stadium of Fire tickets they could get through their military husbands (we have quite a few awesome military men in our ward). I didn't pay much attention because we had already planned to head up to the Temple grounds like we usually do.

When I got home, Ross told me that he had tried to find some tickets to surprise me with that day, but he couldn't find any for less than $70. I was happy to inform him that I knew right where to go to get some $13 tickets. We went with another couple in our ward and it was a lot of fun!

David Archuletta. He was great and so cute.

Setting up for Brad Paisley- the reason Ross wanted to go so much. We like Brad. Don't disown me please, Brittany... Brad Paisley. He was great. He even swam off the stage in a giant aquarium as his exit. Good times.

Ross had a hard time with my glasses, so we had to try again. :)

Fireworks! This was the best show the Stadium of Fire has put on in YEARS!! It was great!

It even included large bursts of flame! We could feel the heat in our seats. So awesome!
The show lasted a good 20 minutes, and it was so well orchestrated with a wide variety of music. I loved it!

Best show EVER! Next year we will probably be back at the temple grounds, but this was a fun date night to make this year special. Yay for America.


mostlyprobably said...

Um, hate to break it to you but I do actually like some country. Not the music quite as much as the artists. And Brad Paisley is one of them. Montgomery Gentry is also okay, and Blake Shelton is acceptable, having seen him on The Voice. :)

James M said...

Were you guys there early enough to see the pre show? I had a video show, and I would like to know how that went?

James M