Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jack's First Haircut


I think he looks much older now, and there is a lot more red coming through. He is just so handsome!

One morning I was cutting Ross's hair and decided that since I was already covered in hair and had the clippers out, it was time for Jack to discontinue his Nazarene ways. I thought he would fight against losing his Sampson do, but he LOVED it! He giggled whenever the clippers were on his head. I think it tickled. My main problem was getting him to stop turning his head to try and see the clippers. He did great, and I think he looks great.

I probably shouldn't have waited so long to meet this milestone for him, but it hurts my heart a little to see how fast he is growing up.


mostlyprobably said...

If possible, he looks even more like Ross now. Good work!

Grandma said...

He went from baby to little boy :-( They grow up just to darn fast!