Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pool Party

A couple of weeks ago Ross and I left the kids at Grandma Jones's house so we could head to lovely Bountiful and see two very dear people be sealed. It was beautiful. When we came back, we found that our children had no excitement in seeing us and even less desire to leave the haven they had found in this blasted heat.

My mom took some pictures, and then Heather posted them on facebook, and then I stole them. Enjoy. I took advantage of the coolish water as well.

We ordered some pizza partly to thank my parents and sisters for helping with the kids, and partly because I wanted some. Yay for spontaneous pool and pizza picnic parties!
Emma decided to give everyone foot rubs. Except for me. I am too ticklish.

"Mom, Dad- pretend you like each other."
She really asked everyone if she could please rub their feet. She was pretty good too, according to Heather and Dana.

Handsome boy!

This is Sara's new Smile-On-Demand-Face. I loves it. Simple minds, simple pleasures, I guess. This was a happy day that I wanted to remember. Thanks for the pictures, Mom.

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mostlyprobably said...

Your kids are so cute! You should probably have 10 more this year.