Monday, September 21, 2009

Toddler Logic That is Hard to Combat

I am a logical person. I am. I think in a very organized and logical way and have a way of explaining myself that tends to make sense to others. This has been a boon to me in my life on more than one occasion, and is a big part of my initial desire to try the whole teaching occupation. It helps me teach, lead, write, explain, vent, forgive, and mother. I am a logical person, and I use this logic to raise and teach my children. When Emma and Sara go amiss, I gently correct them and explain why the correction is needed. This has worked well for us, the gentility and the explanations, that is.

That is, it did, until this past week or so when I started encountering what I like to call Toddler Logic. I think the worst part is that a lot of it is starting to make sense to me. Here are some recent examples of what I mean.

Mom: Did you wash your hands?
Emma: No.
Mom: Well, hurry and wash them so we can go.
Emma: I don't need to wash my hands because I didn't wipe.

Mom: Emma, don't eat in the tub!
Emma: I have to!
Mom: Why?
Emma: Because then I can clean up my mess.

Mom: Emma, that was naughty! You sit on your bed right now!
Emma: No, I can't.
Mom: Why not?
Emma: Because Jesus loves me.

Emma: I am sleeping in Sara's bed tonight?
Mom: Oh, why is that?
Emma: Cause I made my bed today.

Emma: Mommy, this is really yummy chicken. It is very yummy and I need some ice cream now.

Mom: Emma, can you get a diaper for your sister please?
Emma: I can't.
Mom: Why not?
Emma: Because all Sara's diapers are clean and she will get them messy.

Mom: Emma, don't do that, the kitty is crying!
Emma: No, he is just laughing but sometimes when he laughs it sounds like crying.

Mom: Sit on your bum please.
Emma: Oh, how about I sit on the chair?

Emma: Mom, can you buckle my sippy cup so it can stay safe like me. (in the car)

Mom: Are you going to be a good girl today?
Emma: I am going to be your Emma girl today.

Emma: Daddy, come here.
Mom: I am not Daddy. I'm Mommy.
Emma: You called me Sara, so I call you Daddy.

See- some of those actually make sense, don't they!? How can a logical person argue with that? I am stumped!


Holly E. said...

Wow, she is so smart!
I love that last one, really clever!
Kids say the funniest things!

Heidi Ferguson said...

To the first one, I have had this conversation with many a boy (who don't think they need to wash up because they don't wipe). It doesn't matter if you don't actually TOUCH human waste, but there are TONS of germs in the bathroom, on the toilet, on the flusher, etc.

But you're right, some of those definitely made sense, the last one especially.

Ashley Welling said...

That is so cute. At what age do you think we stop being like this??

Carrie said...

sounds logical to me!