Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family Pictures, Ala Nathan Gross

I have talented friends. I like that! Sometimes my talented friends like to use their talents in my behalf. Other times, their wives bribe them into using their talents in my behalf. Occasionally this ends up providing me with some fantastic family pictures.

Take a look at Nate's website. He basically rocks. He has some AWESOME lightning shots right now, and his wedding pictures are gorgeous. Seriously. Hire him!

I happen to love that none of these family portraits turned out with all of us looking at the camera and smiling. We tried. We really did. I really love it though. We just aren't the point and smile in unison kind of unit. This is my family, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I want this one over our fireplace. Ross won't let me. He is lame.
There is another version of this that has Sara cropped all by herself. It will be framed and matted. I wish stupid blogger would upload it.
This one will be printed for sure! I love it!

I know she isn't smiling, but how beautiful is this girl!? This will be printed and framed as well.

There were a lot more, but blogger is being lame. I love them though. Thank you, Nate and Carrie for doing this for us. We love them! Not bad for a 20 minute session! :)
Also, Grandparents, if you are interested, I can send you a cd with these on it. Let me know.


Anonymous said...

You do have a beautiful family, Amanda! I love all of you. Pretty much. :) And P.S. your hair is the best ever!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and YES send the CD

Dawn said...

Yes! Send the cd!

Carrie said...

What is with the "no pic over the fireplace" thing? C'mon Ross...get with it! Great photos! Cute family!

Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

He likes photos over the fireplace- just not that one. He thinks it should be more formal or some junk like that.

Anonymous said...

Grandma Goodman says "yes, please" to a cd

Anonymous said...

Is it weird that *I* want a CD too? Yes it is. I will just look at them on your blog and next time I see you, you can bring one then. I love your family and I LOVE your hair. It is so luxurious and panteney!

And my favorite is the second one of the whole fam.